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12 Ab Workouts To Get Your Body Bathing Suit-Ready

12 Ab Workouts To Get Your Body Bathing Suit-Ready

12 Ab Workouts To Get Your Body Bathing Suit-Ready

You need some ab workouts to get your body ready for a bathing suit. Luckily for you, I got some that will be perfect. 

As always though, doing the actual work is only half the battle. You have to eat right if you really want to see the ideal results. 

1. Bicycle Crunch 

To start off with ab workouts, try the bicycle crunch. To do this lie on the floor and keep your legs at a 90-degree angle before fully extending them and bringing them back in. 

As for sets and reps, stick to doing 10 on each side and do about 2 or 3 reps. 

12 Ab Workouts To Get Your Body Bathing Suit-Ready

2. Ball Crunch 

Next on our ab workouts are is the ball crunch. Regular crunches aren’t the best workout and people often do them wrong anyway. Crunches can also be bad on your back if you don’t have the ideal surroundings. 

To avoid that, using a large medicine ball will be drastically different and surprisingly more comfortable.

Sit on the ball with your feet flat on the floor and let the ball roll until your back is 

Squeeze your glutes. slightly tucking your chin in toward your chest. Contract your abs and exhale while raising your torso up no more than 45 degrees, inhale down to the starting position.

3. Verticle Leg Crunch

One of the best ab workouts you can do is the verticle leg crunch. Lie on the floor, (maybe get a mat or some carpeting) and lift your legs up until they’re raised at a 90-degree angle. 

Contract your abs and exhale raising your torso up towards your toes, inhale as you return to the start position.

4. V-Ups 

V-ups are similar to the verticle leg crunch except instead of just lifting your legs, you’re going to raise your arms up as well and form a v with your entire body. 

It’s a good ab workout because it works out most of your ab-muscles. 

12 Ab Workouts To Get Your Body Bathing Suit-Ready

5. Side Planks

Side Planks are great ab workouts for working out the inner layers of abdominal muscles. Just like with regular planks, you want to start in a prone position and go up on one arm at a time. 

Yo ur side planks can be incorporated into push-ups or even back into regular planks. You can do as many sets as you can, but you should hold each position for about 60 seconds at a time. 

6. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are incredible ab workouts that can really benefit you. It’s another workout that exercises more than just your abs. 

In fact, doing mountain climbers will affect your legs, arms and more. Mountain climbers are beneficial as a cardio exercise as well. 

Start in a push-up position and simply alternate bringing your legs up to your chest and back again. Don’t time them, instead, you want to do about 10 to 12 on each of your legs. 

7. Wood Chop

If you’ve ever seen a lumberjack work, then you have an idea of what to do. You’ll want to grab a medicine ball or something equivalent and stand with your feet hip-width apart.  

From there, lower the ball diagonally to your right foot, then raise it above your head. Increase your speed for more of a challenge. Do about 10-reps before you switch sides. 

8. Side to Side Crunch

This is a standing exercise that is great for working out your obliques. This particular workout will keep your body moving consistently and quickly which will allow you to burn more calories. 

This is a kickboxing move, so start with your feet in a wide stance, knees bent, arms up on guard. Keeping lower body still, quickly lean upper body to the right, then come back through the center and lean to the left.

Repeat lean back to the right. Next, lower upper body, from the right around to the left side, making a half-circle with the torso. Return to the start position and that’s your one rep. 

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12 Ab Workouts To Get Your Body Bathing Suit-Ready

9. Reverse Curl and Lift

To do this workout, lie flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Keep your legs extended out, about six inches above the floor. 

Contract your abs, bend and draw your knees into your chest and slightly raise your hips off the floor, then back to the starting position. 

This is another great alternative to doing simple ab crunches as well. 

10. Two-Point Plank 

Assume a pushup position, to make sure the body forms a straight line from shoulders down to toes.

Raise the right hand and left leg out to form a straight line with the body, then return to plank position and repeat with the other arm and leg. You’ll want to do 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps several times a week for the best results. 

11. Reverse Press-Up

Next on our list of ab workouts are the reverse press-ups. Incorporating these into your workout routine will be vital to improving your body in time for beach season. 

Just lie flat on your back with your hands at your sides. Extend both legs in the air above your hips. Keep both your knees slightly bent and your feet flexed. 

Push upward with both feet at the same time, pressing heels toward the ceiling, lifting hips off the floor. I say you try for up to 15 reps to really feel the burn. 

12. Rotational Lift

Last on our list of ab workouts is the rotational lift. It’s similar to a crunch, but with a twist, literally. 
Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, knees bent and feet hip-width apart. Lift your chest toward the knees keeping your pelvis parallel to the floor. 

Rotate to one said then back to back to the center and to the other side. You can even modify these into regular crunches if you wish. 

That’s all there is for our list of ab workouts that will get you ready for that bathing suit. Don’t forget to eat right and leave a comment down below!
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