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A Virginia Tech Freshman’s Survival Guide

A Virginia Tech Freshman’s Survival Guide

A Virginia Tech Freshman’s Survival Guide

…Sort of like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, but the college edition for Virginia Tech students (freshmen especially)! It is important to know some basics about your campus before you actually step foot on tech’s campus to start your classes! Keep reading for a Virginia Tech freshman’s guide to living on campus!

1. Breakdowns are normal.

College is difficult in every aspect. During your Virginia Tech freshman year especially, you will learn a lot about yourself and grow as a person. Challenges will arise academically, socially and even mentally.

2. Make sure you split Uber fares.

Most freshmen do not have their cars on campus during their freshman year, so Ubering to restaurants/ parties is a must. It is most fair for all partygoers to incur a small charge for the Uber (usually around $1-5 if you split it with 4 people rather than one person paying for the entire expense.


3. El Rod’s Texas Margaritas

All these drinks won’t break the budget ($5.99) and are absolutely delicious!

4. Follow the dining dollar recommended usage!

To avoid eating Ramen noodles three times a day during the last few weeks at the end of the semester, check the dining plan recommended usage chart. In every dining hall, there is a schedule for how much money you should have on your meal plan per week.

5. Pay attention in class.

I hate to sound like your mom, but it is vital to attend every class and listen during lectures. In a 300 person lecture, it is tempting to shop online or catch up on the latest Netflix show. I have found that some of the questions on tests are details said by the professor during class.


6. Join the Virginia Tech Carpool Page on Facebook.

Being from New Jersey, I found the Virginia Carpool Facebook Page extremely useful. Usually, in exchange for some gas money you can find a ride home.  Before breaks, you can post where you need a ride to and someone will most likely respond. I’ve seen people get rides to NOVA, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and more.

7. Introduce yourself to your RAs and then be sure to stay ‘under the radar’.

During freshman year, everyone will be living in a dorm. On every hall, there are upperclassmen (residential advisors) to assist you during your transition into college life. Most RAs are very nice!

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8. Remember, America Runs on Dunkin‘.

If you aren’t addicted to coffee right now, you will be by the end of your freshman year. It makes you more alert (especially great if you have an 8AM class). Make sure you get to Dunkin Donuts early!! By 9AM, the line is huge.

9. Stay away from the Math Empo and avoid taking classes here as much as possible.

When you first see the math empo, it seems like an awesome concept…. inventing the future by helping students learn calculus by computer. This however, is wrong. The math empo sucks and you want to take the least amount of classes here as possible.

10. Be cautious of taking online classes.

If you are the type of person who is lackadaisical- do not take an online class. Many online classes have even harder tests and they also have stricter deadlines.


11. Remember to have fun!

Between football games, parties, downtown life, clubs and volunteer events, Tech has a lot to offer. Be sure to get involved and make a lot of friends.

What are some other things every Virginia Tech freshman should know before they start living on campus? Comment below and share this article with fellow students and friends!
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