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A Typical Day Of A Student At Emerson College

A Typical Day Of A Student At Emerson College


So, you’ve decided to come to Emerson College to further your education or maybe you’ve heard about some great BU parties that you want to get into. You’ve been wondering what the typical day of a student at Emerson College is like. Here is a look at what most Emersonians do on the weekdays!

1. I Woke Up Like This

When most Emerson freshmen received their fall semester schedule, they were dreading waking up for an 8AM class. Now, we’ve gotten used to waking up and smelling the roses as we start our day (or possibly just looking forward to getting back into bed after our first class ends).


2. Getting Ready Like a Boss

There are two different types of Emerson students when getting ready for class. One type will roll out of bed 10 minutes before class in sweatpants and their comfiest long sleeve; the other will wake up a full hour and a half before class to pick out the perfect outfit, do their hair, and put on their makeup.



3. Most Important Meal of the Day

Before heading to class, most Emerson students will stop by Einstein Bro. Bagels. This is key to the typical day of a student at Emerson College. If the line isn’t too long (which most of the time it is) and you have enough time before class starts, most students will sit and people-watch from the countertop seats.



4. Morning Class

Professors know that we don’t voluntarily choose to have a class so early. Most of the time the professors will be just as tired as the students; chugging Dunkin Donuts coffee in order to stay awake. So if you have a nice enough professor, they’ll go easy on morning classes; maybe watch a video clip or play some music while students are walking in.


5. Back to Bed

First class is over and you don’t have another class until 11:30, what would an Emerson student do? Simple, head back to our dorms and get back into bed.


6. Wake Up Part 2

After the quick sleep, the typical Emerson student is more ready than ever for their next class. On the way to class, we might stop by the C-Store and buy a coconut water and some trail mix while walking out of LB. On the hike to class in the Paramount Building, staying hydrated and eating a healthy snack is key.



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7. Study Time

Whether Emerson students are in their floor’s common room, hanging out in the Iwasaki Library, or chilling in their dorm rooms’, studying is something everyone dreads but has to do.


8. Dinner

The most expensive part of the student tuition was room and board, so when it comes time for dinner Emerson students may feel obligated to use the meal swipes that our parents bought. We’ve gotten used to the non-home cooked meals and tried out the vegan station, but we still can’t seem to understand why there’s never any ice in the soda machine?

9. Shower Time

If most Emerson students are like me, we prefer night showers in order to take off the day’s stress and go to bed feeling clean. It’s like our own little spa inside the communal bathrooms, except there’s no masseuse or aroma of roses and jasmine.



10. Goodnight (zzzz)

The day is done and now it’s time for the well-earned sleep. Even though we end up falling asleep at 2AM, we try anyways to get the amount of sleep as if we went to bed at 11PM.

Do you have anything to add to the typical day of a student at Emerson College? Comment below!
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