A Typical Day Of A Kent State Student

As every Kent State student knows, your campus is lovely. It’s beautiful and spacious. But that being said, there is also a magnitude of hills which on a college diet makes you feel winded and there is always the daily struggle of when to eat because commuter hours are a thing. Hopefully my day is not like yours but if it is, hope you are surviving with me until Thursday. Keep reading to find out what a typical day of a Kent State student is really like!

8:15am – The awful sound of an alarm goes off and you turn it off until 5 minutes later when another alarm goes off.

8:25am – Gets dressed in stylish clothing that you manage to pull together because as a Kent State student you always have to presentable to a certain degree.



8:35am – Walks to the dreaded 8:50 class and somehow make it on time.

9:40am – Run to your next class across the giant hill by Taylor Hall while jamming to your favorite songs with your earphones but your face portraying an entirely different emotion.

11:00am – Gets hungry and decides to walk to the HUB only to remember that its commuter hours…until 2.

12:00pm – Goes to class hungry then remembers there is a food truck.

1:00pm – Fails to find Fork in the Road so sadly sits in your room and procrastinate by watching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix.


2:00pm – Finally goes to Kent Market and buys espresso shots because you know it will be a long night.

3:00pm – Goes back to your dorm and lays in bed, starts to study….


7:00pm – …Wakes up from the accidental nap you took and realized you actually studied nothing.

8:00pm – Actually starts on homework because you went to Quaker for wings and fries with your friends to procrastinate more.

9:00pm – Starts the essay assigned weeks ago and its due tomorrow.


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2:00am – Finally finishes only to realize you had MyLabsPlus homework due 2 hours ago but still needs to do it for credit.

4:00am – Officially done. Finally goes to sleep.

8:00am – Repeat this until Thirsty Thursday!


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Featured photo source: foodservicedirector.com and riverwalkbarandgrill.com
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