A Thank You Letter To My Dad On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is one of the most celebrated holidays. But not everyone has the privilege of a mother ‘s presence in their lives. For some, no mother had been around since birth. Others have lost their mothers later in life for various reasons. My mom suffered from an undiagnosed mental issue which led her to be incapable to raise me as she should have. And then my New mother stepped in – my Dad. So on this Mother’s day, I am writing a thank you letter to my dad to honor him as he has been both a mom and dad to me. Maybe this Mother’s Day you will do the same for the Mr. Dad Mom in your life.

A thank you letter to my dad

Dear Dad on Mother’s Day,

This Mother’s Day I choose to celebrate you. Since the day you stepped in when I needed a mother’s grace, you had patience. When I started my period, you stomached the uneasy comparisons of tampons and maxi pads, all the while wearing a patient grin. You even managed not to attack my ex-boyfriends when you caught me crying of a broken heart. I imagine it must be difficult to be both father and mother. But that is what I most appreciate you for. The fact that you took me shopping, and sat while I tried on literally every new outfit on the sales floor, is only one of the many testaments to your patient strength.

You took the time

To learn about hairstyles and why I obsess over social media. Sometimes you were not pleased with my decisions, but you were stern and not cold. Happy Mother’s Day to you Dad, for being the very best role model a woman could have. It’s ironic that I can call you with my gossip and you don’t show how bored you really are (and I know you really are).

Thank you

The fact that I can come to you with any issues I have during my semester, is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you for late nights of trying to cook meals over the stove that you struggled with. You, a chef? No, not hardly, but I love the fact that you always tried your best. The fact that you understand my reality TV addiction, my obsession with everything Kardashian (sorry, guilty), and what leggings happen to be in season this year, among the many other of my ‘feminine’ ways, are so awesome that you deserve to be celebrated this Mother’s Day…and every day.

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