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A Simple Guide To All The Buildings At SJU

A Simple Guide To All The Buildings At SJU

Moving into the Plymouth state dorms can be an exhausting day. Make sure you know what to bring and what not to bring before move in day at PSU!

Do you find yourself getting lost on campus at SJU? Don’t worry! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to all of the buildings at SJU so you never get lost or are late to class again.


Belson Hall/Finley Hall:

Sure it’s home to one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, but there’s pretty good food too, a nice break from the dining hall.

Bent Hall:

Currently under renovation, which will eventually be home to the Tobin College of Business, so who knows what’s going on with that.



Chiang Ching Kuo Hall:

University Career Services is in here and they can check out your resume and other professional things so take advantage of that!

D’Angelo Center (DAC):

DAC is the heart and soul of SJU. The Sodano Coffee House lounge, Starbucks, the cafeteria, the ballroom, the most updated classrooms; DAC has something of everything.



Lourdes Hall:

You will probably only visit Lourdes once when you drop off your ASL hours for DNY.

Newman Hall:

The home of the Registrar but as far as other things in Newman, no one knows.


St. Albert Hall:

If you’re in PA, pharmacy, biology, chemistry or anything science related this will be your second home.


St. Augustine Hall:

There is a lot in St. Augustine from the Freshman Center to the Writing Center, College of Professional Studies, Library, Library café, study room and a lot more. St. Augustine is the best place to be productive and get work done.


St. John Hall:

The oldest building at St. John’s. It houses the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and classrooms.


St. Louise de Marillac Hall (aka Marillac):

Besides classrooms, Marillac has the best meal exchange options, the campus bookstore and an auditorium.


Sullivan Hall:

Sullivan, the forgotten academic building. The School of Education is here along with a huge computer lab.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall:

The most interesting building visually on campus. The Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery is in here along with Global Studies to accompany the oriental design.



St. Vincent Hall:

Houses freshman and sophomores. Has the best to-go food in all of SJU, the Red Storm Diner, for those late night cravings.


Donovan Hall:

Freshman dorm with traditional triples. The majority of freshmen live here and it is the absolute best freshman year dorming experience (not biased or anything).


DaSilva and Hollis Halls:

Freshman suite-style dorms, much more spacious than Donovan or St. Vincent. DaSilva also houses Health Services where you can go if you ever feel sick or want a check up.

Century, O’Connor and Carey Halls:

Upperclassmen suite-style living. Pretty similar to DaSilva and Hollis, but still better because you know, upperclassmen.

See Also


These are the beautiful houses you can see from across the Great Lawn. Everyone wants to live in the Townhouses once they’re juniors because they have the most space and a full kitchen. Selecting housing for these are survival of the fittest.



Carnesecca Arena:

I said DAC was the heart and soul of SJU, but Carnesecca Arena is the heart and soul of SJU athletics. The basketball teams dominate here and many great events as well like Relay for Life and Tip Off are held here. The Fitness Center is also located in Carnesecca.

Belson Stadium:

Belson is kind of hidden because it is above the parking lot by Gate 1 but a ton of fun games take place here like soccer.


Taffner Field House:

The inside of Taffner is super updated and modern, but if you’re not an athlete you probably won’t be in Taffner many times during your time at St. John’s.


Little Theater:

The Little Theater is one of the most underrated parts of SJU. The Chappell Players Theater Group put on their performances here as well as other SJU events.

Public Safety:

This is where ROTC is, where you pick up your packages and where to go if you encounter any safety emergency. Hopefully you never have to go into this building except for the mail part.


St. Thomas More Church:

Many sometimes forget St. John’s is a Catholic school, but the church on campus is beautiful and holds mass regularly.


Montgoris Dining Hall:

It’s not Mom’s loving, homemade food, but it keeps you from starving.

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