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A Review: Danielle Bernstein’s Macy’s Collection

A Review: Danielle Bernstein’s Macy’s Collection

Danielle Bernstein, mastermind behind WeWoreWhat, just dropped her first namesake brand with Macy’s, and we decided to review it. So, here goes.

Danielle Bernstien: Influencer, Businesswoman, Fashionista 

Danielle Bernstein, AKA the realest, most stylish badass influencer on the market, recently launched a new collection with Macy’s, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Though the drop happened back in March, we can’t help but revel in the perfection of it now, as we impatiently wait for the drop of her summer line. 

Bernstein began her career in fashion during her sophomore year of college, when she transferred to FIT and materialized her passion for fashion. How, you might ask? Through a blog. We Wore What, Bernstein’s fashion blog turned multi-million dollar business and fashion brand available to shop, grew into a monetized business just one year after its conception. And it’s safe to say that this success has only grown since. Exponentially, it seems. 

In addition to using her blog as a platform to post daily outfit inspiration that boast Bernstein’s edgy style, Bernstein has explored the world of design. Fashion design, that is — something she appears to have a knack for. In 2016, Second Skin Overalls hit the racks and filled the market gap for the totally underrated one piece ensemble, which also serves as Bernstein’s favorite piece of clothing. 

Bernstein even dipped her toes in the shoe industry, launching The Archive shoe line. The line was produced with the help of Jordan Adoni, designer and co-founder behind NYC-born clothing brand Modern Vice. The collection was focused on the boot, and all of its forms. And while it didn’t have the success she hoped it did, Bernstein managed to come back — stronger than ever. 

Bernstein has also teamed up with Onia, the chic swimwear brand she now uses as the official production partner for her very own We Wore What Swim collection. The partnership has seen four collections, one of which sold $2 million in 12 hours. Impressive, right? We thought so too. That is, until we found out that her exclusive collection at Macy’s sold even more. Here’s the lowdown on the Danielle Bernstein line at Macy’s. 

The Drop

The ready-to-wear capsule collection, appropriately called ‘Danielle Bernstein,’ first hit Macy’s racks back in March, and somehow introduced Bernstein to even more success. We didn’t know it was possible, either. 

The influencer, whose childhood was styled by her hometown Macy’s, couldn’t have thought of a better brand to partner with. A beautiful assortment of puff sleeves, slip skirts, feminine dresses, patterned sets and more, the collection is the ultimate representation of Bernstein’s trademarked edgy, feminine style. One day you can catch her in a boyfriend fit blazer set, and the next she might be caught flaunting a babydoll dress with thigh high boots and a headband for good, girly measure. 

Bernstein credits Macy’s for allowing her to expand her brand, which includes incorporating plus sizes into her collections. And the best part? All of the pieces are under $100, making Bernstein’s dream of increasing size and financial inclusivity come true.

The drop earned Macy’s millions. But for Bernstein, the real reward was the pride that accompanied the successful launch she adored. 

So, what’s the craze all about? Check out the collection’s pieces below to find out for yourself. 

The Collection

Now, onto the good stuff: the clothes. Macy’s Danielle Bernstein offers an array of chicness, elegance and edge. The neutral-heavy collection screams versatility as well as affordability, so you’re sure to find something you love. We know we have. 

First up: Blazers! 

Bernstein and blazers? Talk about a match made in heaven. Whether she’s dressing them up with a pair of squared-toe heels or rocking one, sleeves-up and all, with a pair of sneakers, DB is the blazer queen. 

The collection offers two types of full size blazers — the Blazer with Ruched Sleeves and the Structured Blazer — as well as a cropped style for those looking for a more casual take on the fetching statement piece. Each type of blazer comes in two colors. The full size blazers give us boyfriend-fit vibes fused with total femininity, thanks to the cropped tank meant to be paired with them. The cropped blazer, on the other hand, gives off an edgy vibe, and is meant to be paired with the collection’s Zip Up Pant. But there’s really no limit to what you can do with it. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

Next: Sets. 

Speaking of feminine cropped tanks, let’s talk sets. Matching sets, AKA the best thing since sliced bread, have slowly but surely made their comeback from the ’70s, and we couldn’t be happier. But Bernstein, however, has taken the matching set to a whole new level. Introducing: the three piece set. DB’s sets include a cropped tank, loose trousers and, of course, a blazer. Sophisticated, convenient and über cute. We’re in love. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection


If you’re not sold on the trouser look for the matching sets, perhaps the shorts will convince you. Offering the Paper Bag Waist Short and Button Front Short, Bernstein was sure to provide a little something for everyone’s liking. 

The button short comes in the same patterns as the blazers do, making it super simple to throw a cute look together in no time. The paper bag shorts, which can be purchased in ivory or black, are a high-waisted short that collect at a ruched waist and flaunt a feminine flair. The style also comes in pants form, over which we are also drooling. Bernstein can be seen effortlessly rocking this short paired with combat boots and her Zip Up Jacket, which brings us to our next point of discussion.

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection


DB offers one jacket, yes, but it’s a damn good jacket if you ask us. The perfect combination of edgy and feminine, this Zip Up Jacket shows off a puffed sleeve and a statement zipper. Offered in black and white, this jacket will quickly become a wardrobe staple. (Zip Up Jacket, in white, pictured above) 


Perhaps you’re not the biggest fan of the edgy vibes the collection offers. And if so, that’s OK. We’re confident the more feminine side of DB is sure to make your jaw drop. 

First up: the Tuxedo Dress. This piece displays a blazer V-neck look up top, with self-covered buttons lining the entirety of the dress. The puff shoulders are complemented nicely with the mid-length sleeves and, oh, did we mention it has pockets? That too. This dress is perfect for a day in the office or a walk in the park — whichever you prefer. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

Next, we have the Puff Sleeve Short Dress. Talk about dainty. This A-line piece follows suit with its puffed shoulders and mid-length sleeves, but seems to attract a more feminine crowd. Well, unless you’re pairing it with combat boots like Bernstein. And in that case, we’re all for it. With a button-front closure and fitted bodice, this simple closet staple wins for being the most flattering.

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

Now, onto the Maxi Slip Dress. With the (you guessed it) slightly puffed shoulders and sweetheart neckline, this dress just screams girly. And with a high front slit, the “girly” nature of the dress implies a slightly flirtatious vibe. Dress it up with your favorite pair of low-heeled strap sandals, or a simple pair of tennis sneakers. Just remember, comfortable can also be cute. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

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Alas, we’ve made it to the Baby Doll Dress. We’re not telling you this is the best dress in the collection, but Bernstein herself chose to wear it on launch day… Either way, you cannot go wrong with this dress. It’s simple, flirty, flowy and feels as though you’re wearing nothing at all. Seriously, how perfect does that sound? There’s no reason comfort should be sacrificed for style (well, at least most of the time), and this dress makes sure of it. You will seriously feel, and look, like a doll. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection


The girly-ness doesn’t stop at dresses. A silk skirt has grown to become a staple in any girl’s wardrobe, and Bernstein is no stranger to them. This Silk Midi Skirt silhouette offers a feminine look while also providing excessive comfort. The versatility of this slip-on is unmatched, so feel free to throw on a cropped tee and a pair of sneaks to go with it. But if you’re looking for something slightly more dressed up, allow us to introduce you to the Bra Cup Cropped Tank

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

Tops & Blouses.

The Bra Cup Cropped Tank (pictured above) is the perfect top pairing for any occasion. This silky bodice-style, tight-fitted top flaunts a wide, straight across neckline, allowing the wearer to show off some skin. Bernstein can be seen pairing this top with her silk midi, which, if you ask us, is the perfect combo. 

Next up, we have cardigans. The Tie Front Cardigan can be worn as its name or even as a shirt of its own. The same can be said for Puff Sleeve Cardigan (pictured below), which boasts (yep, you guessed it again) puff shoulders and a deep V neckline. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

Continuing with the theme, the Puff Sleeve Crop Top comes next (because there is just NEVER enough puff). This top only comes in white, but we can guarantee you’ll find a way to wear it as often as possible. Who cares if you outfit repeat, anyway? Puff shoulders, low V neckline, a faint collar and mid-length sleeves. Sound familiar? DB has definitely coined a style throughout her collection, but we’re not complaining. Keep the puff and mid-length sleeves coming! 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

Lastly, we have bodysuits. Wait, you didn’t think DB would forget about bodysuits, did you? This collection offers the Puff Sleeve Bodysuit (pictured below) as well as the T-shirt Bodysuit, both of which we need our hands on yesterday. The piece is self-explanatory, but if you need a description, here’s what you need to know: Both are overly comfortable, extremely versatile, and totally affordable. Sold yet? Every closet needs a bodysuit, and this one wouldn’t be the worst candidate. 

A Review: Danielle Bernstein's Macy's Collection

With looks like this and prices as low as they are, you can create a knockout look without breaking the bank! That’s what we like to hear. Be sure to shop the spring collection here.

So, When’s The Next Line Coming Out?

Sometime this month! If you’re just as psyched about the collection as we are, just wait — her summer line is about to drop. And, according to Bernstein, it’s going to be even better than the spring’s. Her words, not ours. And while it’s hard to imagine a collection better than this one, we might just have to take her word for it. 

What pieces were your favorite? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to send in pictures if you’ve purchased pieces yourself!

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