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A Ranking Of Random Crumbl Cookies

A Ranking Of Random Crumbl Cookies

One of America’s greatest treasures is Crumbl Cookies. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s true. 5.4 million people agree with me: that’s how many followers Crumbl currently has on TikTok. As a cookie enthusiast, I’ve taken it upon myself to try over 25 different flavors from Crumbl. Here are my top tens, though my list is always subject to change:


10. Confetti Cake

<img src="confetti.jpg" alt="">

You really can’t go wrong with confetti cake in any form. Crumbl’s confetti cake cookie is no exception. It’s simple, yet delicious. The base of this is a sugar cookie stuffed with sprinkles, with a generous helping of pink (ignore the picture) vanilla cream cheese frosting on top. No confetti cake is complete without sprinkles to decorate. This cookie broke the top ten for how smooth and buttery it is. Seriously, it melts right in your mouth.


9. S’mores

<img src="smores.jpg" alt="">

S’mores is one of my favorite flavors for desserts, whether it’s ice cream, cupcakes, or cookies. That being said, this Crumbl cookie fulfilled my s’mores desires. Naturally, every s’more needs a graham cracker base; Crumbl brilliantly infused graham crackers into a chocolate chip cookie. Each cookie is served warm with a giant marshmallow and graham cracker crumble on top. I remember these cookies being so gooey and soft…I could eat a whole box of them.

8. Caramel Coconut Fudge

<img src="coconutfudge.jpg" alt="">


I’ll never understand why coconut is such a divisive flavor. I grew up eating the caramel coconut fudge Girl Scout cookies, so when Crumbl announced this flavor, I was ecstatic. Crumbl took the Girl Scout cookie and elevated it to the next level. Served chilled, this cookie packs quite a lot in it. Similar to the confetti cake, the caramel coconut fudge cookie starts off with a simple sugar base. What makes this cookie such a showstopper is its chocolate bottom and drizzle, caramel spread, and sweet coconut topping. I hope they bring this back soon!

7. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

<img src="cookiebutter.jpg" alt="">

Trust me when I say the cookie butter ice cream cookie is AMAZING. I’m a huge fan of cookie butter, so I rushed to my nearest Crumbl the second they revealed this flavor. I have to say, it did not disappoint. It actually feels like an injustice putting it this low. I’m not 100% sure why “ice cream” is in the description, since there’s no ice cream on the cookie whatsoever. The fact that it’s a chilled cookie might have something to do with it. I’m obsessed with their brown sugar cookies, which they use here. The cookie butter buttercream frosting and cookie pieces make this a solid 10/10.


6. Pumpkin Caramel

<img src="caramelpumpkin.jpg" alt="">

I need fall to come sooner just so I can eat this cookie again. I’m pretty sure it first debuted in October or September, judging by its flavor. What separates this from other Crumbl cookies is its pumpkin base. Call me basic, but it’s to die for. The pumpkin cookie pairs so nicely with the thick caramel frosting, and with a sprinkling of pumpkin spice, this is the ultimate Halloween treat.

5. Carrot Cake

Once again, I’m defending a very divisive flavor. Carrot cake may not be for everyone, but it definitely is for me. Crumbl’s carrot cake cookie has everything the actual cake does: a carrot cake base (duh), with drool-inducing cream cheese frosting and chopped pecan bits. This is a great way to sneak some veggies into your diet (I’m only half joking). I wish I could find a picture of it, but believe me, this cookie is gorg. 


4. Cookie Dough

<img src="cookiedough.jpg" alt="">

A cookie dough cookie?? How is that possible? I don’t know, but Crumbl has made it so. Not only have they achieved the impossible—creating cookie inception—but they have done so beautifully. The cookie dough cookie can have all of my money. The brown sugar base has returned for this flavor, which is complemented very well with a chilled buttercream frosting. What makes this the glorious cookie that it is are the cookie dough chunks and chocolate chips on top. Yum.

3. Churro

<img src="churro.jpg" alt="">


Crumbl, if you’re reading this, please bring your churro cookie back soon. I don’t want it—I need it. Crumbl’s take on the classic churro is spectacular. I can’t find the exact description of what’s in it, but if my memory serves, it’s a cinnamon sugar cookie with a cinnamon buttercream and a dusting of cinnamon. So in short, there’s a lot of cinnamon in this. I thought it tasted a bit like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch, only softer.

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2. Peanut Butter Brownie

<img src="pbbrownie.jpg" alt="">


My apologies for people with peanut allergies. I dream of this cookie at night. Usually, I don’t LOVE cookies with a chocolate base, but it hits different here. Maybe I like the base of this cookie because it’s more brownie-like than straight up chocolate, and who doesn’t like brownies? Brownies are one of my favorite foods, as is peanut butter. Put them together and you have a dynamic flavor duo. There’s a perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter, with both of them melted on top. Crumbl even included a surprise inside the cookie: a peanut butter cookie dough center. My mouth is watering as I’m writing this. 

1. Oreo

<img src="oreo.jpg" alt="">

This was the first Crumbl cookie I’ve ever tasted, and it remains my #1. I find it sort of ironic that the flavor of this cookie is a literal cookie itself. But it works. So. Well. I can’t emphasize how much I love this cookie enough. Like I said before, I’m not usually one to choose a cookie with a chocolatey dough. I might be wrong, but I believe that Crumbl added Oreo pieces to the base, thus elevating it to the next level. There isn’t much else to it, other than the rich cream cheese frosting and cookie crumbs. Frankly, it doesn’t need anything more. This cookie is perfect just the way it is.



Note that this list is completely subjective. Also note that I, a twenty-one-year-old and near college graduate, have the palette of a sugar-crazed toddler. Try these cookies when you get the chance, and you’ll agree with me: Crumbl never misses. 

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