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A Quick Post-Gym, Pre-Class Skincare Routine

A Quick Post-Gym, Pre-Class Skincare Routine

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Knowing you got your daily workout in is perhaps the best feeling in the world. Nothing makes you feel more productive and like a woman who has her life together! Working out every day on top of going to class and holding down that internship sounds like the perfect plan, right? The only problem is finding the time to do it all without neglecting the other parts of your routine that need attention, a major one being skincare! It’s always good to sweat it out and get rid of some toxins clogging up your pores but let that sweat sit for too long and you’ve got a breakout waiting to happen. Enter, this quick post-gym, pre-class skincare routine that will give you enough time for a proper workout (no cutting the last set short) while allowing time to work on your radiant glow.

Step One: Cleanse

If you’re squeezing your workout in right before class, you probably don’t have time for the whole water, cleanser, and rinse routine. Luckily we have micellar water. Micellar water is a great product for when you’re in a pinch and need something fast. Just squirt a little product onto a cotton pad and swipe it across your face. Gone is the sweat, dirt, and grime and you’re left with hydrated, nourished skin. Micellar water also helps keep your skin clear and a travel-size is perfect for your gym bag!

Step Two: Tone

Toning your face ensures all the gross stuff is off your skin while balancing your skin’s pH levels which is super important after you’ve just sweat all the gunk out. It’s also a total refresher for your skin after it’s just been hot and red. Goodbye inflammation.


Step Three: Hydrate

A little face moisturizer is essential for making sure your skin is soft and supple. You want to make sure you’re restoring your skin as much as possible and giving it all the love it deserves. It also promotes a subtle glow. Who doesn’t want that? This is also a great time to give your face a little massage. This is going to activate your facial muscles making your skin look brighter and more taught.

Step Four: Sunscreen

Arguably the most important of your pre-class skincare routine step, sunscreen is a must! UV damage gets to the best of us, even on cloudy days, and our skin appreciates a little help in combating it. Sunscreen keeps your skin healthy and strong. It’s like a gummy vitamin you put on your face.

Optional Steps:

This is where things get a little more choose your own adventure. You can either stop here and head off to class fresh-faced and rock a natural look (something I often opt for) or you can go a little further and add some makeup.


Tinted moisturizer is perfect for after a workout. It’s light so your skin doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating after so much heat from the workout and gives you just the right amount of coverage. You can also opt for a tinted sunscreen, giving your skin extra protection. I use this one from Replenix. Unfortunately, they only offer one color as of now but this one from Kiehl’s has a more expansive shade range.

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Lash Slick by Glossier is my go-to mascara. It gives your lashes the perfect amount of volume and drama without going over the top. Bonus: you don’t even need a lash curler to get lifted lashes.


Boy Brow is another great product from Glossier that’s easily portable and gets the job done. Inspired by the great, effortless brows of the boys we swoon for (like young Leonardo DiCaprio) this gel perfectly shapes and fills your brows for a naturally full look to help with your pre-class skincare routine.

After a quick addition of a lips-to-cheek product like this universally flattering color from BOOM! You’re good to go! Off to class with your workout done and skin you can feel good about.

We would to hear your own pre-class skincare routine! Share your favorite products, secrets, and techniques on the comments down below!
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