A Plastic Free Gift Guide Anyone Will Love

As well as being a plastic free, these products also eliminate the need to use plastic in day-to-day life. The habits we have gotten into are what got our world into this mess of plastic pollution so perhaps we can start getting into new habits that will break our old ones. Straws, bottles, food storage, and bags are some plastic products we have learned to use day-to-day. Now, thanks to eco-warriors, we know about the devastating consequences of single-use plastic. Let the unlearning begin.

S’well Bottle

Although this bottle is not 100% plastic free due to the tiny ring of silicone in cap, I think we ought to commend the designer for creating a bottle that has encouraged many people to switch from disposable plastic to refilling their water bottles everyday. The ring is simply there to prevent leaks and maintain the temperature.

However, I think that most people have reusable water bottles already (even if they do not use them). Buying things you do not need, even if they are plastic-free, is a waste of resources. Some people are happy using mason jars as their water bottles; my mom is one of these people. So before buying a reusable bottle as a gift, ensure the receiver actually needs one.

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*A Plastic Free Gift Guide Anyone Will Love

Recycled Toilet Paper

Be a great friend and buy the lucky gift receiver 48 rolls of recycled tp for their birthday. That girl Snape cheated on Trelawny with in Love Actually said that she didn’t want something she needed for her Christmas present, but I think getting something you need as a gift is much better than getting something you didn’t need. Most people are aware of clutter in their homes and do not want their gifts to add to their donation pile.

Who Gives A Crap is a toilet paper company that sells recycled toilet paper with recyclable plastic-free packaging. Many recycled toilet paper is wrapped in single-use plastic so that kind of defeats the purpose.

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*A Plastic Free Gift Guide Anyone Will Love

Camping Cutlery

This is a plastic free gift idea that also eliminates the need to use plastic in day-to-day life. My eco-warrior friend always has a set of camping cutlery with them. This set includes a knife, fork, and spoon all wrapped up in a canvas roll which keeps them clean for travel. She never uses plastic cutlery and with this set, she doesn’t even need to use biodegradable single-use cutlery. The five seconds it takes to wash this set really isn’t worth more than the price of adding disposable cutlery to a landfill.

This set from Well.ca is made out of bamboo and even comes with chopsticks. The pouches are made of recycled water bottles so on top of saving on a tonne of plastic from going in the bin, you are also going to be reducing the amount of plastic in landfills. Of course you can always get a stainless steel set from a camping store if you are going to need a sharper knife for cutting tough meats.

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Grocery Baskets

Since PC came out with those reusable grocery baskets, I have seen lots of people shop with their own baskets. Back in the day (like in Mad Men and before), people brought their beautiful woven baskets to the grocery store. We do the same today but with reusable shopping bags. While these reusable shopping totes are convenient, they are not quite as cute as bringing a wicker basket. For a gift, it may be nice to buy a reusable shopping basket. When the receiver is not using it for grocery shopping, they can use it for picnics or storage. Apart from the green plastic PC ones, there are other more stylish and plastic-free options available on the market. With a quick search around, you can find a special gift that will be a treat to your friends, family, and the planet.

Get it here:*A Plastic Free Gift Guide Anyone Will Love

This year, do your part it helping our planet go back to being green. One way to do this is being mindful of the gifts you buy. These gifts are not only plastic free but act as a great stepping stone to living a plastic free life. The products listed above make transitioning from old habits to new (eco-friendly) habits seamless. With these products handed over in a gift box, there is no reason to not kick our plastic habits.

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