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A Memorial Day Party Guide You’ll Want To Follow

A Memorial Day Party Guide You’ll Want To Follow

Memorial Day is the holiday that gets us ready to go for summer. For most people, it’s when the temperature really starts to pick up and that seasonal depression begins to float away. Memorial Day should be spent in a boat on the water, but if you can’t make that happen then this guide will be sure to help you make the most out of your day.

1. Jell-O Shots

I don’t make the rules here, I’m strictly enforcing them. Jell-O shots are a must at your Memorial Day party. You can truly never go wrong with them! Standing in the sunshine with your friends and family and you see Jell-O shots, you are bound to take some. They’re fun for the whole crowd you’re with. With how easy they are to make as well you can have a mass amount of them. Sometimes taking a Jell-O shot is a lot easier than taking a real shot. So, having that option of starting your day off with something a little lighter than a shot straight from the bottle should be your go-to. Plus, if there are kids in attendance you can make some non-alcoholic Jell-O shots for them.


2. Seltzers

Again… not making the rules here. Memorial Day is the perfect excuse to start drinking early. So, you need to start off with something light. Day drinking is a marathon, not a race, you want to try to last as long as you can not crash and burn at 6 o’clock. This means seltzers are absolutely a must. There are so many different types of seltzers out there now that this is also the perfect opportunity to try something new! Plus, nothing screams a dayger more than a big bucket of ice filled with a lot of seltzers.

3. A Good Beer

Beer is a tricky booze to bring. Everyone will drink the beer there no matter what, but sometimes they won’t enjoy what’s supplied. There are so many different beers that you can bring to the party that sometimes it has to be BYOB. What’s cool about everyone bringing their own beer is you get to try something you may not have personally grabbed off the shelf. If you had everyone bring their favorite beer to share, first off you would have plenty, second it may become your new favorite. Beers and sunshine is an unmatched combination!


4. Yard Games

Yard games are a great thing to pull out on Memorial Day because it gets everybody moving. This is especially fun on Memorial Day because it invokes some friendly competition between the crowd. You could even centralize your Memorial Day party around some sort of yard game tournament. Besides who doesn’t love some friendly competition? The greatest part about playing games is that they can always somehow be turned into drinking games! So, for Memorial Day, that’s highly encouraged.


5. BBQ

Nothing says hello to summer more than BBQing. It’s one of those things that just feels right. Having someone on the grill and eating burgers and hot dogs is something that warms your soul. It’s hard to explain the joy that’s brought when you have someone on the grill and everyone around you smiling and having fun. Plus the smell of the grill going and just spectating, it’s just all-around good vibes. When it’s time to grill that’s your intermission. Who doesn’t love an excuse to start snacking while you wait for your food to be ready?

6. Summer Fruit

Some of the best fruit becomes ripe in the summer. Hello, melon season! There’s nothing better than enjoying cold, sweet, fruit on a warm day. It’s a great side to any summer dish. And if you want to step into that Memorial Day theme you could have red and blue fruits only. Just make sure that you have ample amounts of watermelon because a cold slice of watermelon in the sun can create peak happiness.


7. Bon Fire

When the sun starts to go down that’s when you break out the fire pit. Sitting around a campfire ending your night with the people you love to be with is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It allows people to start to unwind and bring up moments from the day. You can also just have a speaker going and listen to music watching the sunset. No matter how you decide to spend your time around the fire it’s an absolute must on Memorial Day. Who doesn’t want to spend a few hours sitting around a fire with their friends?

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8. Cozy Clothes

When it does become that campfire time then make sure you brought at least a cozy sweatshirt. Slipping on a comfy hoodie or maybe a pair of sweats to relax in all night brings you maximum comfort. There are few greater feelings than playing in the sun all day and then getting cozy in your comfy clothes. It’s like your body knows it can relax and soak in the few more moments of sunshine before you’re surrounded by only the glow of the campfire and your friends. And when you’re warm and happy then you can continue to socialize through the night. 


9. Sparklers

Who doesn’t love a good sparkler? They’re fun for everyone involved and they make good props for photos. Sitting around the fire sparking them up here and there in the fire is more fun than you would think, no matter what age you are. Let’s be somewhat real here, Memorial Day feels like a baby Fourth of July. So, there has to be some sort of sparkler or small firework that can be included in the night. It’s a great way to kick off the summer.

10. Sunshine

Memorial Day needs to be spent in the sun. If it’s not sunny where you are, then chase the sun! Being able to let go in the sunshine for a few hours is what everyone needs. Sunshine will ensure that your Memorial Day party will be a hit.


What are some musts for your Memorial Day party? Comment them below!