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A Local’s Guide To The Best Hot Chocolate In Chicago

You don’t know cold until you’ve embraced winter in Chicago. Midwest winters always feel somewhat year-round, but luckily, wintertime does not come without its trusty counterpart: hot chocolate. Chicago is one of the world’s most iconic cities, and it’s safe to say its food is no less special. Some of the best hot chocolates you can find are located right in the Windy City. We’ll break down five locations in the city that have earned the right to be called some of the best hot chocolates in Chicago. So, if you’re perusing the streets of the city, hands stuffed in your coat pockets, wind whipping at your face, keep in mind this list; you could use a nice cup right about then! Here is a local’s guide to the best hot chocolate in Chicago.

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

If the restaurant has ‘hot chocolate’ in its name, you know it’s about to be good! Mindy Segal’s quaint, warm-toned eatery located in Bucktown has seven varieties of chocolatey goodness, one perfect for each of its guest. With options to add booze, espresso, or extra (homemade!) marshmallows, these decadent drinks will leave you wanting to come back for more of the best hot chocolate in Chicago! If you’re feeling really daring, you can even try your hot chocolate iced. My recommendation? The Medium: Milk chocolate with a touch of dark chocolate and a hint of caramel.


The best in the West Loop, BomboBar’s walk-up eatery draws crowds from every part of Chicago, even the suburbs! Offering a variety of hole-less donuts, coffees, and gelato to-go, it’s no wonder that BomboBar is home of one of the best hot chocolates in Chicago. Their extravagant, over-the-top servings make the perfect subject for your latest Instagram photo. Best known for their “Hotter Chocolates”, your eyes will feast before your bellies. Choose between a S’mores option of chocolately-graham-cracker-goodness, or a Party Monster option filled with lucky charms and white chocolate. You can even choose to spike your beverage for more adult fun!

Kathrine Ann Confections

Located in Logan Square, the 10 varieties of hot chocolate served up at Katherine Ann Confections makes it one of the most beloved spots for the best hot chocolate in Chicago. With boozy options for adults, or much more mellow options for children including peppermint or caramel, there’s fun in every rich, decadent sip! With the arrival of their new holiday-inspired flavored drinking chocolates, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to warm your hands (and bellies) with a cup.

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Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli chocolates are one of the world’s most beloved, richest confectionary treats ever. So, their hot chocolate must not be any different. One of the best hot chocolates in Chicago can be found right in the chocolate shop of Ghirardelli’s. Located on the city’s iconic Michigan Avenue, you’ll find an assortment of hot cocoas, ice creams, and nonetheless, chocolate! You can even warm up to a rich cup of their Decadent Drinking Chocolate, which has Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips melted right in.


Mexican cuisine is the specialty at River North’s Xoco (pronounced SHO-co). It’s no surprise that a classic such as hot chocolate is that much more delicious with a Mexican touch. Cacao beans are delivered from Mexico, then roasted and turned into bars right in the Chicago location, making each cup of hot chocolate melted to order! The rich, Mexican chocolate is one of the best hot chocolates in Chicago you can find. Add a house-made churro to complete your order of spiced cocoa before bracing the city’s cold.

Have you tried one of the best hot chocolates in Chicago that wasn’t on the list? Comment down below to add to a local’s guide!
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