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A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Makeup

A Lazy Girl’s Guide To Makeup

A Lazy Girl's Guide To Makeup

Makeup is everywhere. Let’s face it. You can’t even go into the grocery store without coming across at least 8 different makeup brands. But what is it really all for? If you’re like me and still don’t really know what contouring is, then here you go: a lazy girl’s guide to makeup.

BB Cream

Probably the easiest makeup product to use is BB Cream. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer. These days, there’s also a CC Cream and an AA Cream, but the original is BB Cream. In case you’re wondering, the BB stands for blemish balm. BB Creams are a one-stop shop; think of it as a combination foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen. If you’re lazy (like me) then BB Cream is one of the best things ever invented. In terms of guides to makeup, I think they should be on every single list imaginable. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure you apply the cream evenly and cover your entire face. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Brow Pen

The last few years brows have been huge in the makeup world. I myself have been a fan of my eyebrows since I was in high school. I have tried many different brow products and a general rule of thumb is to go for the brow pen that has a spoolie on one end and the formula in a stick form on the other. These pens are generally the easiest to wield as you just flip them back and forth as needed. In terms of application, start by brushing all your brow hairs upwards. Draw a light line across the bottom of your brow from end to end. Then, brush all your hairs down and do the same on the top of your brow. Emphasis on a light line. From there you can brush the brow hairs into place and then fill in your brows with quick sporadic strokes. If you’re going for a natural look (which is what this guide to makeup is guiding you towards), then don’t fill in the front of your eyebrows too much. Natural eyebrows have less hair in the front and more at the back and that’s the look you’re trying to maintain, just with a little help.


Brow Gel

Brow gel is the most recent addition to my makeup routine (when I choose to wear makeup). Brow gel is usually applied after you fill in your brows with a brow pen to keep all the hairs in place, but if you’re in a rush (or feeling extra lazy) you can skip the pen altogether and just brush some brow gel right into your eyebrows and go. There are tinted as well as clear brow gels available, but if you’re filling in your brows then I recommend using a clear gel so that your brows don’t get too dark.


Eyeliner is my first love. It’s the first makeup product I was allowed to use and will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s also probably the most difficult product to use (in my opinion). There are many different kinds of eyeliner but the most common are liquid, gel, and pencil. For a lazy girl’s guide to makeup, I recommend going with a pencil as it’s the easiest to wield and the most forgiving when you make a mistake. You can get liquid and gel eyeliner in the form of a pencil as well, so the choice is really up to you. In terms of colour, black is the most common, but dark brown is also popular. Of course, there are eyeliners in every colour under the sun,  so go with whatever colour tickles your fancy! I myself am partial to blue.

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For everyone else, mascara is probably the first makeup product you’ll try. Because of this, there are probably about a million different kinds of mascaras out there. There are mascaras designed to lengthen lashes, give them volume, even to moisturize them. It all really depends on what you want your lashes to look like. Since this is the lazy girl’s guide to makeup, I’m not going to tell you to do some research. Instead, ask a couple of friends and go from there. If it’s your first time with mascara, I suggest you stick to drugstore brands cause you know, money.


If I had to choose my absolute favourite makeup product then it would be, without a doubt, lipstick. Lipstick can change an outfit in an instant, take a look from day to night. It’s basically magic. There are matte, liquid, glossy, satin, velvet, and probably a bunch of other kinds of finishes in the world of lipstick so it depends on your lips and what look you’re going for. In keeping with the laziness aspect, I suggest a lipstick with a satin finish as it doesn’t smudge too badly and it’s pretty easy to apply. Start off with a nude colour then go from there. And if you decide you’re into the whole makeup thing, invest in a good red lipstick.

What do you think of this lazy girl’s guide to makeup? Let us know in the comment section.

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