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A Healthy Night Routine For A College Student

A Healthy Night Routine For A College Student

As a college student, sometimes it’s hard to stick to a night routine. Many things can get in the way from getting a good night’s rest, but it is important to adopt a routine to prevent that! Here is a healthy night routine for a college student, like you, that can help you reach your maximum potential the next day. 

Start Your Homework Early 

The reason the majority of college students can’t go to sleep at a reasonable time is that homework takes up so much of that time. The only way this can be fixed is if you start your homework the day that it is assigned. It may seem like common sense, but it will help with not waiting until the last minute to complete assignments.

Something else that can distract you from your homework is your phone. Being on social media, watching Netflix, or texting your friends, it is all a form of procrastination. Turning your phone on to “Do Not Disturb” mode can help you not check every notification you get. It will help you concentrate on finishing your homework and studying the material for your classes.


Another factor that can affect the time you spend on your homework is your environment. It does depend on the person, but most people like a quiet place to do homework and study. So, find a good place to do your homework and concentrate on getting as much done as possible. 

Eating A Light Dinner 

As a college student, you may sometimes forget to eat dinner at a reasonable time or eat something that will fuel your body and mind. Not only is it important to eat healthy food, but to also have a light dinner. This way you will not be too full before going to bed.


Some suggestions on what to eat are a fruit salad, tomato soup and flatbread, or a grilled BBQ chicken bowl. Being a college student, it can be difficult to spend money on healthier foods, but in the end, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep up with your busy schedule.

You could also meal prep; it can reduce your time in the kitchen and more time finishing work. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well.


5 Minute Room Cleanup 

Being a busy college student, your room can get messy! A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. This part of the night routine will help you fix up your space and help you feel better about getting some rest at night.

Usually, when you start cleaning your room, you sometimes get distracted with specific parts of cleaning, like cleaning out your closet, going through all your old notebooks, rearranging your entire makeup collection, or even dancing around while listening to your favorite songs. These things can become a distraction for what you need to accomplish, so set yourself a time limit.

You can start off with setting an alarm for 5 minutes, and in that time you try to clean up as much of your mess as possible. This will have you focus on the task at hand. After you will feel satisfied with how nice your room looks and you will feel less stress, which helps with falling asleep faster. 


Taking Care Of Your Skin 

It is important in this healthy night routine to take care of every part of you! So, this is a friendly reminder to always take off your makeup before going to bed, no matter how tired you may be. Taking care of your skin can become a fun part of your night routine.

Take off your makeup, wash your face with a cleanser, and once a week apply a face mask and relax. This begins the process of unwinding and disconnecting with what may be stressing you out. You can even do a face mask with your roommates!


You can also adopt a night skin routine that fits your skin type. There are many products out there that can give you the skin goals you are looking for. Taking care of your skin, even by just washing your face, can be a way to wash away anything negative or stressful you had during the day. It is “you” time, so have fun with it! 

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Time To Unwind 

Another reason why college students stay up so late is due to being on their phones right before going to bed. You should try to avoid it, and learn to disconnect from the digital world before bed. Studies have shown that blue-light-emitting screens, like your phone, are a factor for not being able to fall asleep. Being on your phone, computer and on social media can cause you to be more alert, and that is the opposite of what a night routine should do.

Something helpful can be to set a time where you will no longer answer to texts, emails or go on social media. Place your phone out of reach, so you will not be tempted to grab it and continue using it. Before going to bed, you should find something else that will help you unwind and relax.


A few ideas include beginning to write in a journal. It can be about how your day went, your feelings, or plans that you want to accomplish the next day. You can read a book for fun! There are so many interesting books out there, so learn something new or be indulged by a magical adventure. You can draw in a stretch book, this can help strengthen your skills. You can also buy an adult coloring book! It is something that takes patients, minimal effort and is fun. These are fun and easy ways to disconnect, a perfect addition to your healthy night routine. 


Sweet Dreams 

Finally, you are ready for a good night’s rest! You should also try to incorporate some positivity before ending your day. Be sure to think of at least one thing that you are grateful for that happened to you that day. Ending a day on a positive note will help you begin the next day with a positive attitude as well. And that’s the healthy night routine you and all college students should try to adopt!

Will you be trying out this healthy night routine? What is your favorite part of the routine? Let us know in the comments below! 

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