A Guy’s Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

A Guy’s Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

If there’s no way I can convince you that going down on her will make someone want you more, stay with you longer, or talk to her friends about how good you are, I’m not here to push. To be frank, if you have enough success not going down on her, I see no need trying to fix something that ain’t broke. I’m just here to help at least one guy become less afraid of making a woman orgasm with his mouth.

A Guy's Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

Welcome to your very own edition of A Guy’s Guide. You’ll learn the steps I took to become less afraid of, and eventually enjoy, going down on her 😉 . Find your little corner in the room, or display this article proudly on your laptop, and read on. Each word has been carefully chosen to help you get over your fear of going down on her.

A Guy's Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

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1. Ask

My number one advice is to talk about it in a suave manner. Tell her you want to make her cum. I want to eat you out. If she says yes, this is a clear invitation for you to take your time setting up and get to work.

2. Don’t Be Afraid

Women get jealous when they hear one of their friends’ partners eats them out on the reg, because they want a partner like that. You going down there having NO IDEA what to expect is a hump we all have to hop over once! Girls will go wild when you do go down.

A Guy's Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

3. Feel, Don’t Look

If the sight of her labia deters you from entering, close your eyes and feel around inside. In reality, it’s just easier when you don’t use your eyes, so you’ll be doing it like a pro from the beginning!

4. It Doesn’t Have To be All-Tongue All The Time

This is a great way to manage your fear of sticking your tongue in her vulva. Use your fingers a lot. If you’re just starting down there, mix your fingers in about half of the time. This gives you a chance to get a breath and assess how well you’re doing based on how much she is squirming and/or moaning.

5. Listen

We cannot completely control if the girl moans, or stays silent. However, everything gets easier if the girl you are eating out moans when you are doing things right. Her noises, or kinky banter, will keep you distracted if you do not like what you’re doing. If she’s lighting your fire with her moans, your fear lessens.

Hot Tip: You’re not alone. Ask her what she likes before you go down there.

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A Guy's Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

6. 70-1 = … Anybody..?

69 is a good way for you to conquer your fears of eating her out. This way, each partner is distracted, and you have time to feel your way around down there. My advice is to initiate based on the level of communication you two hold while having sex; are y’all Pass the Salt Please-type partners, or do you just go for it and hope no one will mind your reach?

7. Not All Vulvas Smell Bad!

Oh, what wonderful news!! Just like how our d*cks can smell bad, a vulva can also smell bad. That is not the case for every girl, however. Don’t say you are afraid of going down on a girl because it smelled bad and tasted sour one time.

Hot Tip: A good way to test the scent and smell is to smell your finger after fingering her for a while.


Let’s say you’re getting good at the game. And the last time you two did anything was when you ate her out. GO ahead and eat her out with the intention of eventually having sex, which means try not to make her cum. Women often complain that a bad hookup is a guy that cuts foreplay short, and eating her out is part of foreplay. Go slow, so your tongue teases her for what is to come. She will undeniably get wet and ruthlessly anxious for you. If this doesn’t convince you to start combatting your fear, all I can say is I did my best.

A Guy's Guide: How To Not Be Afraid Of Going Down On Her

I hope I helped you become less afraid. Drop a caret (^) below if this helped. Want some personal advice?

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