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A Guy’s Guide: How To Go Down On Her

A Guy’s Guide: How To Go Down On Her

Women, or people with vulva’s, enjoy being taken care of, and that comes with experience (or reading this article 😉 ). They don’t just love it when you eat them out, they go over the moon and back again, if you’re good at it. Here’s a walk-through for the inexperienced and additional things to learn for the more experienced bunch, on how to go down on her.

For the record, the vulva is the larger area that the vagina and clitoris are a part of. Ok, moving on.


Going down on her isn’t just elevating your sex game. You show her that you’re not just there to use her, which is what popular culture perpetuates. When you choose to eat her out, you’re putting her up on a pedestal and telling her she’s the center of attention.

Your actions speak louder than words when you’re able to make a girl, or person with a vulva, cum with your tongue. It is showing your partner that you don’t have to make them feel good just through traditional sex. Multiple options make you a desirable sex partner.

A Guy's Guide: How To Go Down On Her


In real life, everything comes at you so much faster than expected, and you don’t want to get surprised when you’re staring between her legs. First thing’s first: between those sideways lips called the labia, are the vagina and the clitoris. The clitoris is #1 and the vagina is #2 for the pleasure enducing spots on her body.

The clitoris is what we are aiming to play with when we go down on her. It is a small projection of skin that is the pleasure headquarters of her body. The hard part to learn is how to play with it. Each girl likes it a different way than the next, and you have to feel your way around to find the combination that makes her cum. Good luck!

A Guy's Guide: How To Go Down On Her

The Build-Up is The Best Part

We wanna make our girl scream our name and jolt in exhalation when we show her we know exactly where the clit is.

Before we get there, though, we’re going to tease her. Instead of going down on her, we are moving down on her. From where you’re kissing her, to where you will eventually end up, you have as much time and space as you need to help produce for her the most amazing orgasm. Her neck, chest, shoulders, back, stomach, hips, butt, legs and feet are all fair game when we are doing our best to make her cum. Lick her neck, nipples, chest, and my favorite, drag your tongue down the inside of her thighs. Just as she thinks you’re about to plant your wet tongue between her labia, pull the car off the side of the road and lick down the insides of her thighs. All the while, she is pissed you haven’t started licking her, but excited because the build-up just keeps going.

For those guys that need to do extra work to make their partner cum, or want to impress a one night stand, pull a move that will keep the build-up going even longer. Lick her hip bones. You can do all of this slow or fast, the biggest point to remember is not to jump right in. She needs to be warmed up beforehand. If you jump right in, you will show her that this is your first rodeo.

A Guy's Guide: How To Go Down On Her


You can approach the vulva any of the following ways.

  • Separate the labia using your fingers ON ONE HAND and lick inside
  • Stick your tongue through the opening and you have two hands to either finger her or touch her elsewhere

Labia differ in size. Some can be more fleshy than others, and you’ll have to get your fingers more involved, so you can find the clit and reach your tongue into her vagina. Some are thin and your tongue will slide right through without using your fingers. You’ll figure it out.

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Stimulating The Clit

Don’t forget that the clit is at the top of the labia. It is covered by a flap of skin and varies in size. The best approach is to come at it slow. Build up from the bottom of the labia. As you’re dragging your tongue, you’re going to experience a sour taste. (The taste will vary on the sour scale depending on the girl.) As your tongue is moving from bottom to top, listen to her. She will most likely give you feedback when you are close to, or on the clit. The clit isa projection of skin, like the tip of a pen or permanent marker. Once you feel it, play around with it. Get to know it. Spin your tongue around it like a lollipop and listen to her. Some girls enjoy it best when you play with the clit every now and then, and some enjoy it if the clit is all you play with. You are always on the safer side if you lit her clitoris once as a little introduction, then leave and make an unexpected arrival later-on.

A Guy's Guide: how To Go Down On Her

When you’ve found the clit, you are golden. Bounce around the labia, poke your tongue into her vagina, put your fingers in there too, and change the speed every now and then. Remember, the slower you go, the more effective you will be, and the faster you can go in the future.

What’s Next?

Be vocal. Both you and your partner. Girls, or people with vulvas, let your partner know when they’re doing it right. That will motivate them to either stop what they’re doing, or keep going and send your train-car into the station at Orgasm Central.

A Guy's Guide: How To Go Down On Her

Final Tip

When you get to the point that she is ready to cum, don’t stop. Continue to move your tongue the way you were moving it when she is close. If you change, she may never get it back, so be patient and hold your course. She actually may go heels over head for it 😉 .

Have you tried any of these tips yet? Did they give her a better orgasm? Let us know.

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