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A Guy’s Guide: How To Be Better In Bed

From one guy to another, no matter how good we think we are, we want to be better in bed. Here are some tips to make your partner, or up-and-coming-partner, wide-eyed when they think of you the day after.

1. Focus On Your Partner

If there is nothing else you read in this article, read this to be better in bed.

Several women have told me that the best they’ve ever had was when they felt like their partner knew how to treat a woman during sex. Show your sexual partner that you are not there just for your orgasm. You are there to make them feel amay-za-zing all over. This means they want to feel like a guy is focused on their entire body, and doing what he can to pleasure her all around her body, instead of just her vagina.

How to fix this? Caress them, show them that their entire body is a wonderland to you, not just a thing you put your penis in. Kiss them on common pleasure spots: the neck, the boobs and nipples, ears and the sides of her chest.

Need more advanced things to show her that you’re not just a squirrel looking for a nut? Talk dirty to her. You can admit it, we all want someone to talk dirty to us. Send it her way and it will most definitely come back to you. Say her name. Hell her “Just like that”, “F*ck”, “Don’t stop”, and “I’ve been waiting for this.” Second, go down on her. You don’t have to make her cum, but get it really wet down there. Don’t penetrate your fingers in there, ‘cus the more you lick, she’ll want something in there, and that makes her yearn for you.

2. Finish The Job

You just came: congrats on the sex. Now finish the job by making him or her cum. When it comes to going down on girls, I have a lot of friends that would rather not. If you’re willing to go down on a girl, that will bump you so high up on the chart for people they want to have sex with again, it’s not even funny. If you’re still not into it, lick and kiss her neck, ears, nipples and boobs to make her cum with your hands. Fair warning, not all girls can cum just by your hands.

3. Watch Porn

If a guy is reading this right now, I’m 10,000% sure you are well-versed in this category. Because porn can turn into Cirque-De-Soleil, look out for positions that are up your alley of expertise. Maybe it’s as easy as putting one of her legs between your legs in missionary, or standing on the ground instead of kneeling on the bed in doggie. What’s better than getting your research in while pleasuring yourself?

4. Just Ask

Your sexual partner will melt when you take control. What is crucial is that you make sure they are enjoying you taking the wheel. Ask the girl if she likes what you’re doing. This way, you are making sure she is comfortable (She’ll LOVE that you’re thinking about her, too) and it will also be low-key dirty talk. Sex is such a personal and vulnerable act, that you do not want to make them do anything they do not want to do. And some can keep silent and not say anything, so be on the safer side to ask. For those kinky fellas, the more you ask, the more comfortable they will feel with you, and the more willing they’ll be to try stuff you may want to try down the road.

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5. Be Vocal

This goes out to the guys and the gals. When your partner is doing something you like, PLEASE let them know. You want to feel good, and the best way to let them know something feels good is to tell them. Scared about opening your mouth? That’s ok. A simple “F*ck” is better than remaining mute. This should open your mind to saying more dirty things and adding more fuel to your engines while you’re having sex.

6. You’re Not Alone

I’m one voice out of thousands that can offer you my own advice through my sexual experiences. There are also so many resources out there to learn approaches to sex and how to deal with any issues you may have. Check out a list of the 10 Most Intimate Podcasts About Love and Sex. For younger people like us, I enjoy listening to Alexandra and Sofia of the Call Her Daddy Podcast. These two are super relatable and shy away from absolutely nothing on their hour long podcasts. While they come off as stuck-up and full of themselves, the more you listen, you’ll come to see them as people that care about how everyone is treated during one of the most vulnerable moments a human being can be in.

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