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A Guide To The Perfect Self Care Day At Home

A Guide To The Perfect Self Care Day At Home

How To Host A Spa Night At Home

We all need a week-long, self-care spa trip at this point in the semester but we do not have the time or money to be able to treat ourselves in the way that we deserve. So no matter what it is that you are going through, I have pulled together some of the tricks that I use to destress and take care of myself in the comfort of my own room. Here is my guide to creating my very own, at-home spa.

Face masks

 It is a classic and while it may not actually do anything to solve our mental health issues, it feels refreshing enough to make us believe it is a part of our progress. There are plenty of DIY facemasks that you can make but in the chance that you don’t have the energy to create your own, my favorite to use is a sheet mask. They are completely mess-free and stress-free. You may look like Dwight from the episode of The Office where he cuts off and wears the face of the CPR dummy but it’ll make for great snaps to your friends. I like to keep a stockpile of them in my mini-fridge so they are ready to go at the perfect temperature. I am always extremely scared to apply anything different to my skin in fear of breaking out so do your research and make good choices while taking care of your skin. There are also plenty of eco-friendly sheet masks that are great to have since they are a single-use product. From Pinterest

Cucumber water

I have only been to a spa once in my life and that was only to get a manicure when I was a flower girl in someone’s wedding. But this spa served my 11-year-old self the most memorable cucumber water that I still think about to this day. While I usually do not like my water to taste like something other than water, I find that cucumber water has the ability to transport me to a tranquil daybed by the ocean side. It is super simple to make but I would suggest only making it when you need it, I find the cucumber water is hard for me to make and store over periods of time. If you do not like cucumber water, try a cucumber sandwich! The combination of bread, butter or cream cheese, and cucumbers was a combination made in the heavens. If neither of those options works for you then just slap some cucumbers onto your eyes and take in all the hydration and self-care. 


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Because it’s 10 am somewhere! If you are of legal age, mimosas can be a great way to enjoy a drink without getting trashed, if you don’t have too many of them. The orange juice is refreshing and the bubbles just make you feel fancy and special. Something to take the edge off that isn’t going to weigh you down. Orange juice without champagne is still a good option if you are feeling left out, just put it in your favorite mug or a wine glass with a cute saying on it. The goal is to make you feel special in an ordinary setting so whether it be a mimosa or regular orange juice just take care of yourself with the right amount of extra. 


What does every spa have in common? A comfy bathrobe that makes you feel like royalty. You may already have a bathrobe that you use when going back and forth from the shower down the hall. If you don’t have one, get one, and if you already have one, get one that is only meant for comfort. This one should be fuzzy and large, something you can become one with. I find a bathrobe that is big enough for me to be covered enough that I don’t need to wear anything other than the bathrobe is perfect. A bathrobe allows comfort and mobility at the same time which is the ultimate goal. It is like a wearable self-care hug. A substitute for a bathrobe is a blanket big enough to cacoon yourself in. You will have little to no mobility but you will have extreme comfort.

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I find this to be a great replacement for not being able to take a hot bath while on campus. My favorite method is essential oils in a diffuser because it gives off the same steam of a bath and the different oils have all different subjects that they are trying to target. If you are skeptical about how well breathing in flavored air can really work, don’t worry because I am too. I have read a lot of different articles that argue both sides and the conclusion I have made is that it may not be doing anything and it may all be in my head. But, just like face masks, it feels like it is working and the end goal is to feel better even if it is all physicological. I don’t really care if it doesn’t actually do anything, I am just happy to enjoy it. From Pinterest

Your favorite show

I think the best option is to go with something you have already watched and know well. I find the most relaxing thing to watch is something where I already know what is going to happen next. No surprises, no unexpected emotions. I will often watch shows like Sex and the City for days where I want to be alone but also with friends at the same time. The most relaxing time with friends is the times that you can shut them off when you don’t want to listen to them or care about their problems anymore. Another plus side to watching something you have already seen is that you do not have to fully watch it or rewind it if you missed something. You can be on your phone or working on an assignment while occasionally looking up at your screen to enjoy whatever you have on.


How do you treat yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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