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A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today

The best backpacks can now be seen on the backs of people in all age ranges and professions. Whether you are studying, working, or working out, a good backpack will make your life easier and posture better. Most people carry around at least a wallet, laptop, water bottle, book, and snack on a daily basis especially if you are dashing around the city from dawn till dusk. A handsfree bag that distributes weight evenly between your shoulders, back, and hips is infinitely better than a tote and puts all the weight on one shoulder or a briefcase that constantly occupies your hand. If you find it inconvenient to take your backpack off every time you need to get something, use a small bag that goes cross body or keep your most-accessed items in your front pockets and keep the heavy stuff in your backpack.


Knomo makes the best backpacks if you are looking for something sleek and well-designed. These bags come in a range of sizes that suit different types of laptops and tablets. Its sleek factor is due to its slim design which means that when you are on public transit or a cramped elevator, you won’t knock someone over with your huge backpack if you don’t get a chance to take it off. Furthermore, the stitching, fabric, lining, and super shiny hardware are clearly chosen with care making the finished product beautiful enough to carry professionally, casually, or to more formal occasions.

The Beauchamp and Beaufort are their signature models and come in a few different colours (some permanent, some seasonal).

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today


Osprey makes backpacks that are sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather and activities. They are very supportive and designed for hours of wear; because of this, the straps can feel a bit restrictive but they are more comfortable for long-term wear. The design features are thoughtful and detail-oriented making these packs worth the money. The bright colours and sporty straps our quite specific to individual tastes so consider what matches your wardrobe best.

For users who plan on commuting, going to school, or working with their backpacks, I would recommend Osprey’s Daylite or Daylite Plus styles as an entry-level Osprey backpack.

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today


Kipling makes backpacks of all sizes and styles in fun prints. The fabric they use is called “Crinkle Nylon” and it is prized for being durable, water-repellant, and easy to clean. Best of all, their bags are super lightweight. These are the best backpacks for travel; they are bright and colourful which makes them easy to spot from a distance. Each bag comes with a matching furry monkey keychain with its own name.

Kipling’s Seoul line includes backpacks in a range of sizes. The style Seoul Go has laptop protection and a classic round-top schoolbag shape.

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today


Eastpak makes simple backpacks with a spacious main compartment that is not too structured. My friend exclusively uses an Eastpak and has anything you would ever need right on her back; she is like Mary Poppins who is too smart to trade carrying stuff around for back pain (not that Mary Poppins has back pain). The classic shape and materials makes this choice great for someone who wants something more old school.

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Eastpak’s Padded Pak’r is the brand’s signature style but with extra padding to keep your back and laptop cushy and comfy.

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today


Samsonite makes some of the functional luggage and, as I recently discovered, the best backpacks. The bags are designed with the user in mind. Small details you may not notice in the beginning reveal themselves to be convenient little bonuses. For example, one of their backpacks has two tiny rubber feet that allows the backpack to stand upright when you set it down and a secret pocket that sits right against your back when you are wearing it to help you avoid getting pick-pocketed.

The particular features I mentioned are for the Cityvibe 15″-16″ Laptop Backpack style. This style is also expandable which is great for when you need to pick up a few groceries.

A Guide To The Best Backpacks On The Market Today

These are best backpacks on the market based on my experience as a backpack fanatic. I believe that these brands are thoughtful in their designs and therefore create bags that convenient, stylish, and comfortable for the user.

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