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A Guide to Redoing Your Wardrobe

Fashion can be an intimidating subject because there can be so much that goes into it. It can be overwhelming when you walk into a store or browse through hundreds of clothing options online not knowing what to choose and how to stay within your budget. New trends are always popping up, old looks are coming back into style and fashion is sprawled all over our social media feed. Sometimes it can be confusing to know whether we actually like what we see because it matches our own style or only because it is trendy. Fashion is also a powerful form of self-expression and it can be used to your advantage to appear professional, likable, friendly, or attractive. Maybe you are looking for a fresh start with your wardrobe because of the changing of the seasons or simply just want to revamp your look. Read on for the ultimate guide to giving yourself a new style without breaking the bank.

Assess Your Lifestyle

The first step that anyone must take before they decide to redesign their wardrobe is to assess what their lifestyle is, meaning what they spend most of their days doing and what kind of clothes are essential for that life. For example, if someone spends all their time working at a law firm, they should look to find more business styles. If someone works at a clothing store, they may want to find pieces that fit a more fashion-forward or casual style. 

Get Inspiration From the Runways, Magazines, and Social Media

One of the most important steps to redoing your style and wardrobe is to get inspiration from as many sources as possible. Look up pictures or videos from recent runway shows for that season and get an idea of the new trends that are starting to emerge. Collect a bunch of popular fashion magazines at your local convenience store or read their online publications to pick out clothing items or trends that you can see yourself wearing. Circle with a marker or save things on your computer that speak to you and your personal style and that fit with your lifestyle. Social media platforms are also flooded with fashion inspiration daily and the best part is that you can tailor your feed to meet the styles you have your eye on. This especially works well on Instagram. Follow accounts for clothing stores you might be interested in shopping at or influencers whose style you admire and would like to emulate. There are loads of inspiration to be found – you just have to search for what ignites that for you in the best way.

Figure Out Your Budget

Something you need to figure out before going shopping for your new wardrobe is the quality and quantity of clothes that your budget will allow you to purchase. You may have, for example, a $500 dollar budget and will need to shop at stores like Target or Macy’s, which is perfectly okay, just something to manage your expectations by. If you are working with a $1,000 budget, however, you may be able to splurge a little more at stores like Aritzia or Urban Outfitters. In the end, it doesn’t matter where your clothes come from or how much they cost, just as long as you are rocking them and owning your personal style. You can also use your budget as a guiding point for figuring out your necessities and your splurges. For instance, if you are working with a tighter budget you may opt-out of getting many accessories and instead focus on the essentials like pants or blouses.

Shop at All Types of Stores

Now for the fun part – the shopping! It is important to remember that you should shop at many different types of stores and not just one that you have been going to since you were fifteen. This whole process is about expanding your horizons in the fashion world and going against the grain, a.k.a your typical getup. If you want to flaunt and show off more of your body that you have worked hard for, look at stores like Akira that offer flattering, body-hugging clothing. If you want to dress girlier, try and look for sundresses or flowy skirts at stores like H&M. If you are looking to pull off more of a sporty vibe, check out the Nike or Adidas stores for some fresh kicks. However, be open to trying different aesthetics and going into cheaper stores that you would typically not have gone to. You may surprise yourself and find some killer pieces while saving yourself some cash.

Experiment In Front Of a Mirror

Before you go out in the world and show off your new look, mix and match some things in front of the mirror and style outfits in a way that you normally would not have. Experiment with different accessories and shoe types to switch up the vibes of your outfits and see what would fit best for different occasions. 

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Test the Waters

The last step in redoing your wardrobe is to wear your new clothes in public and see how your new outfits make you feel. Do you feel confident rocking a sundress and Nikes or will you stick to leggings and t-shirts? How confident are you wearing mini skirts or dresses? And most importantly, do you feel like these new clothes represent who you are and how you want to express yourself? If the answer is no, keep trying out new looks in your bedroom mirror and do not give up until you feel like the best version of yourself. If the answer is yes, keep creating new looks with a similar theme and you will be finding yourself more and more confident each day.

In the end, redoing your wardrobe all comes down to rediscovering your confidence and finding more and more ways to express who you are. Starting out small like wearing shoes you always felt too timid to try will help you ease into this new wardrobe. Take these tips day by day and soon you will find yourself in a fashion groove. 

Mikaela Blackwell

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