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A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Everyone knows the best part of a night out is getting ready for a night out. Follow this guide for the best getting ready routine to make all your nights out a success.

Eat Something

This is a key element in having an enjoyable night out. Drinking on an empty stomach is an awful idea so be sure to grab something to eat, even if it’s something small, as preparation for your night out. You won’t enjoy your night without this step so don’t skip it.

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out


Start with a blank canvas and take a shower before your night out. You’re going to end up gross and sweaty by the end of the night but there’s no reason to start the night that way. Hoping in for a quick shower will let you shave any places you want to and get you smelling fresh and clean to start your night.

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Get The Tunes Going

Find your favorite Spotify playlist, make your own custom mix or find some great pre-mixed playlist on SoundCloud (my personal favorite is The Big Bootie Mix from Two Friends which are free to download). Whatever music you want to listen to,  get the tunes bumping so you and your friends are in the mood for a great night out.

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Do Your Glamming Together

As annoying as it might be moving your make-up or hair accessories around glamming together is the best way to get ready. First off you have your friends right next to you to belt out the great songs you’re listening to. Secondly, it’s super easy to borrow clothes, jewelry, and makeup when everyone is together and thirdly, it’s much easier to ask for fashion advice when everyone is in the same room and you’re not going door to door to show off your outfit. The glam portion of a night out is often even better than the actual night out part!

Pack Your Bag

Most people leave this way too late and then end up forgetting something important. Grab your bag and make sure you have all the necessities in it. Phone, wallet, ID, and keys are all a must but if you can fit in lipstick and mints as well then do it before you’ve had a couple of drinks.

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Photo Session

Post glam is the best you’re going to look all night so take advantage of this before you’ve had too many drinks to take a good picture. You’ll know what parts of your house photograph best and what angles look best at this point so get all your group pictures out of the way nice and early.

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A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Drinking Games

Depending on how long the glam and photo sessions have taken you might not have a bunch of time to leisurely sip drinks, this is where drinking games come in. Figure out which games are your favorite and have them ready for your night out. There are a million games from skill games like beer pong to apps like Picolo so find what works for you. As much fun as a drinking game might seem to be sure to always drink responsibly.

A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Order Your Ride

Be responsible and have a ride plan sorted out before you start drinking. Either have someone sober drive your or order a taxi, Uber or Lift to get you to and from your night out safely. If you’re doing a fare split situation make sure you have a method to pay for it amongst the group, either transfer the money or buy whoever paid a drink at the bar. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly remind your friends they owe you $5 for a cab from three weeks ago.

The most important part of a night out is to have a good time so don’t stress out and enjoy spending some time with your friends.

What are your steps for a successful night out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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