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A Guide To Coffee Shops For Laptop Users

A Guide To Coffee Shops For Laptop Users

A Guide To Coffee Shops For Laptop Users

Coffee shops in Toronto are easy to find but if you are arriving with laptop in tow, you might find that some are more welcoming than others. The following list is coffee chains you can find in Canada. If you are most comfortable working at coffee shops or cannot afford to pay a membership at a shared office space, check these out.


Coffee shop laptop users are notorious for camping out at Starbucks and for good reason. Since it is almost expected that people will go there with their laptops and sit for hours, Starbucks has switched to long bar tables to accommodate more campers. As a member, you can even get free refills of filter coffee or tea after you buy your first drink. With their light but protein rich snacks, you will be able to sit there for hours with no excuse to go home for food. The downside is that their music is quite loud and may be distracting for you. If this is the case, try to look for a spot far away from the speakers.

A Guid To Coffee Shops For Laptop Users

Aroma Espresso Bar

A recent discovery of mine, Aroma Espresso Bar has a good atmosphere and very good wifi. Unlike some coffee shops, Aroma offers wifi that is free, unlimited, and fast. More importantly, they have a great selection of food and drink that will get you through a day of eating out without the greasiness and excessive seasoning. Their fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, juices, and hot caffeinated drinks will keep you nourished while you camp out. If you are feeling a bit too caffeinated, switch it up with a green smoothie. Their daily soup is also an option if you are wanting something hot and savoury that comes with good bread. Bonus: their coffee comes with chocolate.

Tim Horton’s

Starting at a very different price point compared to the other chains, Tim Horton’s comes with a completely different vibe which is neither better nor worse — just different. Less people tend to bring their laptops here so it is easier to find a table but because most people are just looking to sit, eat and leave, you might experience more camper guilt than usual. The food here is hot and will keep you full but they do not have avocado salads like Aroma and Starbucks. However, the donut selection is much wider than in the other coffee shops in this list. Better yet, get started on a pack of Timbits!

A Guide To Coffee Shops For Laptop Users

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If you are looking for a delicious cup of coffee from a chain, check out Balzac’s. In addition to classic caffeinated beverages, they have a selection of cold drinks and dairy-free milks. Matcha and golden lattes are also on the menu if you are looking for colourful alternatives. Their latte art is very pretty so have fun sipping away as you surf the web . . . I mean work. Bonus points: their chairs are delightfully lightweight in comparison to those sturdy Starbucks chairs. What makes them delightful is that they are just as comfortable as a heavy wooden chair so enjoy the seats as you spend an afternoon in this cafe.

A Guide To Coffee Shops For Laptop Users

No matter which of these coffee shops you choose, remember to ask for a mug! Since you are going to be camping out there, you will not be needing a takeaway single use cup. Many chains offer discounts for not using a disposable cup too, so get toasty with that steaming mug and park your butt in a cozy corner. With people watching breaks, good snacks, and lively atmosphere, hopefully you will get more done than you would in a  dreary office.

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