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A Guide For Finding Your Personal Style

A Guide For Finding Your Personal Style

How to find your personal style or save money when shopping! An easy guide on how to develope your own style all by yourself!

This article is for anyone who is struggling to find their personal style.  It can even help you save money by helping you avoid buying clothes you’ll hardly ever wear. I know we’ve all had to have that one certain dress we seen at a store and only wore it once because we decided we didn’t like it anymore. Let me help you end that enduring cycle!

1. Find your style inspiration

Whether it be Audrey Hepburn or the Kardashians, everyone has a st

yle inspiration. What fashion bloggers do you follow on Instagram? What pictures from Pinterest are you constantly saving or screenshotting? These can lead you to big clues on what kind of fashion you like.


If you’re constantly liking/saving pictures with these pieces, here’s a quick guide:

Causal style: consists of jeans, tees, simple jackets/coats, button downs .

Boho Style: More Vintage style clothes, brands like Free People or Anthropologie. Very flowy and hippy.


Edgy Style: Leather jackets, leather boots and more statement pieces and bright colors.

Romantic Style: Clothes with lace,  feminine designs, dressing in skirts and blouses a lot.

Glam style: Clothes with faux fur, sparkles, leather, chic nuetrals, and elegance!


Neutral style: Clothes that have minimal prints, neutral colors. Nothing too showy.

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2. Are you comfortable with what you’re wearing?

If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing and feel self conscious going out in public with it on, that’s a good indicator that it’s not your style. You should feel excited to show off that new outfit of yours or something you’ve put together! Why wear it if you don’t feel like you look good in it? If you’re constantly questioning yourself about how you look, get rid of it! When you find find an outfit you like, you should feel untouchable in it!


3. Remember, you’re style can ALWAYS change

Do you ever look back to that time you were in junior high, wearing neon skinny jeans and a Aeropostale graphic tee? Yuck right? But back then you thought you looked super good! Personal style evolves over time, there isn’t an end point because you will develop different fashion tastes when you get older. There is new trends happening all the time, you just have to learn what you like.

4. When going shopping…

When going shopping, really take into consideration if you would actually wear that shirt or whatever it may be. If you see a super cute dress and have to think “hmm, where would I wear this to?” or ” I could maybe wear this on an occasional night out,” don’t get it!  Think of all the clothes that are in your closet that you never wear or wear maybe once every couple of years.  Buy pieces that you can easily switch up with another outfit. If you want something different to wear for an event (and probably won’t ever wear again), consider getting an app like Rent My Wardrobe. There are many different apps to rent clothes off of people, or just borrow a friends! 🙂

5. Confidence completes a look

Most importantly, always have confidence in what you’re wearing because it definitely completes the look! If you feel and look confident wearing it, it leaves a good impression on others!


GOOD LUCK on finding YOUR style !!! Xoxo