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A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

A Girl's Summer Travel Essentials

When traveling, packing light is key to having a comfortable and easy trip! Overpacking your luggage with things you don’t need is such an inconvenience! Whether you’re staying a day or two in Los Angeles or going all the way across the country for a month, packing exactly what you need will save you the time, money, and space (literally)! Here are some packing essentials that all you gals must take with you on your trip this summer!

1. Small Wallet

If you’re like me, your wallet is long, bulky, and too big to carry around with all of the rest of your things in your purse or backpack. Transfer your cash and the cards you absolutely need into a smaller wallet! This way you can save space, and you won’t have to carry around unnecessary cards that you won’t be using in your next travel destination.

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

2. Portable Charger

It would be an absolute nightmare for your phone to die during your wait in the airport, or on your flight! Make sure you have a portable charger with you so that you won’t have to panic when you remember that your phone charger is in your luggage. Also, you might not have time to charge your phone when you get to your destination, so it’s good to have your phone charger in your bag while you are exploring around!

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

3. Sneakers

When traveling, you need to make sure that you have some comfortable shoes to walk in! Walking around in boots or heels all day is not ideal, and doing so can stop you from enjoying your time off exploring! Always make sure to bring a pair of sneakers on your trip no matter what. On the bright side, you can change into your favorite heels for your Instagram picture and then change back to comfortable shoes after!

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

4. Oversized Scarf

There’s no doubt that airports and airplanes can get freezing cold out of nowhere, so it’s important to stay warm during your trip. You don’t want a cold or a fever ruining your summer vacay! Instead of bringing a big blanket on the plane, be a little more stylish with an oversized scarf!

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

5. Makeup Wipes and Skincare

It’s such a struggle when you want to look good with a full face of makeup or even a little bit of concealer when going to the airport, but you are stuck with it on for the whole plane ride. Avoid this at all costs! Keeping your makeup on during a long plane ride can cause breakouts and dry skin. Always carry makeup wipes and skincare so that you can remove your makeup on the plane or in the airport as well as wash your face, and keep it moisturized. This is a crucial essential ladies!

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

6. Tide To-Go Pen

You never know what to expect when t comes to traveling. At one point your coffee can be on your food tray, and then it can splatter on your white t-shirt in the next. Save yourself the panic and anxiety, and always carry around a Tide To-Go pen in your bag with you! This way, silly and unavoidable mistakes such as stains, won’t ruin your vacay mode.

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A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

7. Snacks

You DO NOT I repeat DO NOT want to buy snacks at the airport. They’re overpriced, unhealthy, and not worth your hard earned cash! Bring your own snacks from home, so you don’t have to spend money, and you’ll be guaranteed to like what you’re eating. Being on the plane with no food is torture, and if you’re like me, you like having something to munch on while watching a movie on the plane!

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

8. Pads and Tampons

Whether you have a regular cycle or not, it is so important to bring pads and tampons with you wherever you go! You never know when your little visit with the time of the month will come, and in this case, it is so much better to be safe than sorry.

A Girl’s Summer Travel Essentials

What are your travel essentials? Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Let us know in the comments down below!

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