A Girl Scout Cookies Flavors List And Why To Buy Them

Listen up – Girl Scout cookie season is almost here and I couldn’t be any more excited! Girl Scout cookies have been around for ages and truly are something magnificent. Regardless of having been a Girl Scout, the message behind the organization is empowering and cultivating some serious Girl Boss potential. Although the names of the Girl Scout cookies have changed, the recipes and message behind the cookies is the same. Here is your Girl Scout cookies flavors list and why it’s so important to buy them – aside from being the f*cking bomb.

Why You Should Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are more than a seriously delicious snack; they help empower young girls with every box they sell. When you buy a box of cookies you’re also giving these girls the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Not only do the profits remain 100% local but I can say from personal experience that it boosted my confidence as a little girl. There was nothing more exciting than selling Girl Scout cookies and having it be something I could do on my own.

Buying Girl Scout cookies truly helps them develop essential life skills; five life skills in fact: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Girl Scout cookies are truly cultivating Girl Boss potential all over the world; in fact the G.I.R.L (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader) walks away with her head held high. From personal experience, selling these cookies helped me go from being a shy introvert to a confident little girl. Buying some Girl Scout cookies does a lot more than satisfy your sweet tooth. Regardless, here is your rundown of all twelve Girl Scout cookie flavors – of course I’m going to start with my favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor.

Your Girl Scout Cookies Flavors List

Samoas, otherwise known as Caramel deLites

These bad boys are caramel, toasted coconut covered cookies with chocolate drizzled on them. I crave these year round and truly are my favorite on the Girl Scout cookies flavors list.

Thin Mints

Thin Mints have forever been a favorite girl Scout cookie flavor. This of course is on the top of the Girl Scout cookies flavors list because of its popularity. Mint flavored cookies covered in chocolate is the perfect cookie.

Tagalongs, now known as Peanut Butter Patties

Peanut butter fans, this is your Girl Scout cookie. Chocolate and a layer of peanut butter, what’s not to love?

Do-Si-Dos, otherwise known as Peanut Butter Sandwich

Again, peanut butter fans should be happy. The bonus is that there is a crunchy oatmeal outside.


Simple shortbread cookies with fudge; you can’t go wrong.

See Also


These new Girl Scout cookies are rich and buttery. Golden toffee bits are all over this gluten free Girl Scout cookie option.

Savannah Smiles

If you love lemon, these are you go-to Girl Scout cookie.

Trefoils, otherwise known as Shortbread

These cookies are simple and the classic girl scout cookie option.

Girl Scout S’mores

There is a new Girl Scout S’mores cookie with a graham cracker cookie filled with chocolate and marshmallow filling. No complaints I’m all about this new Girl Scout cookie.

Let us know what you think about Girl Scout cookies flavors list in the comments below!

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