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A Few Things To Love About Baton Rouge

A Few Things To Love About Baton Rouge

Every city has something to love about it and I’m sure the 225,000 residents of Baton Rouge all have their own reasons for loving this city that they call home.

Every city has something to love about it and I’m sure the 225,000 residents of Baton Rouge all have their own reasons for loving this city that they call home. However, there are a few things that are undeniably great about Baton Rouge. If you are looking for a few reasons to visit to Baton Rouge or to stay, here is a list of things to love about the capital city of Louisiana.

1. Food

Baton Rouge is no stranger to the good food that south Louisiana has to offer. There is a number of great restaurants to choose from. The best thing about going out to eat here is that restaurants are so much more than someplace you go to eat, they are a place people go to gather and make memories.


2. LSU

Louisiana State University is the heart and soul of this city. You will struggle to find someone in Baton Rouge who doesn’t bleed purple and gold. The love the students and alumni have for the school is truly contagious. The stately oaks and broad magnolias of LSU’s campus make for a nice place to go wander on a sunny day. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by and see Mike the tiger!

3. Football

Yes, this is technically LSU but it’s so great it gets its own category. The only thing that beats a day game in Death Valley is a night game in Death Valley. Game day in Baton Rouge brings people from all over together to celebrate the Tigers. No one is strangers when it comes to a LSU game. Go wander around the campus and you will find yourself at a tailgate eating some jambalaya under a tent with a big-screen setup in no time. It’s no mistake that Death Valley was named the best and loudest stadium in the SEC. There aren’t quite words that can explain what it is like, so you will just have to come to Baton Rouge and experience it for yourself if you haven’t already.


4. Outdoors

The LSU lakes, Capitol Lakes and Mississippi River are just a few of the many places that Baton Rouge has to explore. Walking along the levee is a favorite for many people, especially at sunset. You certainly won’t be alone if you head over to the lakes as people flock to kayak, ride their bikes or jog on a nice day.

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5. Close to New Orleans

New Orleans is famous around the world for its uniqueness. Luckily, residents of Baton Rouge are just over an hour to New Orleans, making for an easy and fun weekend getaway spot. Although it may seem crazy to love a city for its proximity to another, it really is one of the best things about Baton Rouge. Living in Baton Rouge, you get all the benefits of living in a mid-size city and the history and importance of things like the Capitol but with the convenience of being within driving distance of one of the cultural hubs of the country, not to mention it’s an easy commute to get to Mardi Gras.


6. The People

One of my favorite things about Baton Rouge is the people. All of the people you meet are sweet (as long as you’re not in Baton Rouge traffic) and full of southern charm. It’s one of the reasons I’ve loved Louisiana all my life and why I came back for college. Anywhere you go you feel welcomed. Baton Rouge is the kind of place where you say hi to someone you pass walking on the sidewalk and who knows, you may even end up at their crawfish boil next weekend. We are all one big family here.

If you haven’t made your way to Baton Rouge yet, I highly recommend it. There is a lot of things to love so come experience it for yourself.
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