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A Day In The Life Of A UTK Student

A Day In The Life Of A UTK Student

Everybody knows that when you go to an iconic school, you pick up a lot of their traditions and little quirks, if you will. At UTK, that is especially true, so if you’re interested in what a day in the life of a UTK student is like, keep reading!

Lets set the scene, it’s a beautiful, sunny day. Its 9:00 AM. Your alarm clock goes off blaring Rocky Top, because what else would you possibly wake up to?

Then, you wake up in your dorm bed that is somehow more comfortable than your bed at home ever has been, and of course, it shows your Tennessee pride.



You get out of bed, chipper and ready to take on another great day, but first, ya gotta shower so you can use that Tennessee towel that your aunt embroidered for you.

After that probably cold, dorm shower, you’ve got to get dressed for the day. And obviously, you’re going to wear some Vol gear!



And if you’re a girl, or a boy, I’m not judging, you have to get your face on fleek, so that you blow all your classmates away with that bomb highlight and traffic cone lips.

Then, you kiss your sleeping roomies goodbye for the day and head off to class.


But, since being on campus can be so exciting, class seems extra boring. A lot of the day you find yourself daydreaming about game days on Rocky Top.

After class, the day always gets better.

You get to have a nice snack and some down time googling King AstroDobbs.

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But, you obviously can’t spend your whole day in your dorm. It’s time for a game of football with your bros!


Once you’re done with your game though, you’re probably going to be completely worn out, so you go ahead and head home to get ready for bed.

You wash your makeup off from the day, getting your skin all nice and clean. Of course, you only use the Morning Burst cleanser though; it’s got the Volunteer spirit.

Finally, you get back in bed, ready to have sweet dreams about football, Smokey, Dobbs, and being another day closer to game day.

You may think this is extreme, in a day in the life of a UTK student, Vols, go hard or go home. Every day on Rocky Top is day closer to it finally being our year, but we always feel like it’s ’98. I encourage you to go out and go Vols to the wall every day with school spirit and excitement for life, wherever you are.


Big shout-out to one of my roommates, Wendy, for being such a good sport and one of the biggest Vols fans I know.

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