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A Day In The Life of a UCF Student

A Day In The Life of a UCF Student

As UCF students we all experience the same things. Whether it’s being scared of that hefty fine for J Walking or spending hours looking for parking, we all have some things in common. Keep reading for a day in the life of a UCF student!

1. You run to class as fast as you can because you’re running to class in the rain.

In Orlando it rains often and for hours. So if you look out of the window and see rain it’s not coming to a screeching halt anytime soon. And your professors don’t care. One day the streets were flooded on campus and my professor said that he was still holding class.


2. You J-Walk even though you don’t have $62.50.

I’m pretty sure that at some point in time every UCF student has seen this. UCFPD doesn’t play about J-Walking and I know it’s tempting to run across that street when you’re late to class but if you know what’s best for you you won’t.

3. You try to find parking but you can’t because it’s as hard as finding Waldo.

If you drive to class just plan on arriving ready to hunt for parking an hour earlier than your class starts and even then you’ll end up parking on the rooftop.

4. You wait in a long line to grab some Chick-Fil-A even though the line is throughout the door.

You love Chick-Fil-A right? Well everyone on campus does and that’s obvious when you walk in and the line is near the door. But the wait is totally worth it.

5. You wait for a shuttle because you don’t feel like walking 30 minutes to get to class.

Campus is so huge that we take the on campus shuttles to get to class unless we for some reason feel like taking a 30 minute walk across campus.

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6. You call SEPS to get home at the end of the day because it’s 8 PM.

Between the hours of 7 PM-1 AM you don’t walk anywhere on campus you call SEPS—the Uber exclusively for UCF.

7. SEPS isn’t available so you get a walking escort instead.

Then sometimes when you call SEPS they aren’t able to come get you and offer you a walking escort instead.

What else happens during a day in the life of a UCF student? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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