A Day In The Life Of A TCNJ Student

Every college has a routine that its students fall into after the first few weeks of a semester. From cancelled classes, to struggling to find a seat in the library, TCNJ has many trends on campus. Keep reading for an inside look of a day in the life of a TCNJ student!

7:00am – You start off your day with running late and waking up to …what?

Another fire drill? Perfect start to the typical day of a TCNJ student.

What happens in a day in the life of a TCNJ student?

7:30am – You head to Eick, only to find that someone burned toast in the toaster again.

They’ve shut it down as to stop the charred pieces from contaminating your English muffins, and eggs again at Quimby’s.

7:45am – With Tumblr in hand, you think you can take on anything.

That is, until you had a cross with fate not once, but twice when a biker almost took you off the edge of the sidewalk and a mysterious TCNJ white fan encroached on your brick path. You almost yell “Fine- pay my tuition!” as they cross your path, but you hold back.

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8:00am – Your professor canceled class. Collect $200 as you pass go.

11:30am – After your nap, you head to the lib café for some coffee-like-substance and a breakfast sandwich.

It’s always a battle between getting there after the 10:50am crowd heads out and before the 12:20 class ends.

When you need a cup of coffee to start the typical day of a TCNJ student.

12:30pm – You head to Zumba, which to your surprise, isn’t packed!

2:00pm – You hit the library before your next class.

Its like The Hunger Games for a study room, so you choose the safe bet of the first floor- but you run into your lab partner that doesn’t understand that all work isn’t collaborative. Should you run to the basement and risk not having service, or stick it out until your 3:30?

4:30pm – Class was spent shopping online for a new tapestry for your room and starring out the window, and now it’s time to hit the gym.

You probably couldn’t tell your study group what today’s lecture was about if you tried.

5:30pm – Ah, dinner time.

Eick is looking hectic, but your friends living on the second floor kept an eye out for the lull in the dinner rush and you all grab the best booth. With so many choices and so little health concerns, you embark on your quest.

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7:30pm – Your club is meeting today!

Will it be a super long boring meeting or will you actually get something out of it?

9:00pm – You head back to your dorm to read your lecture notes only to find your roommate and all of their friends blistering drunk already.

Should you escape to the lounge and risk seeing that creepy guy from the first floor or retreat to a friend’s dorm?

11:00pm – Wow! Perfect time to remember your essay is due at midnight on Canvas.

Godspeed as you type with the fury of 1000 suns.

2:00am – The music has finally stopped, the neighbors are quieting down, and your CAs are making their last round on the floor.

Your head hits the pillow like a ton of bricks, only to remember that you have an exam tomorrow you have yet to study for. Pull an all-nighter, or wake up at 6am?

What else happens in the day in the life of a TCNJ student? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Justine Wilson

Justine Wilson is a Biology student at TCNJ from Washington Township, NJ. Yogi, dancer, writer, proud dog owner and professional sass master.