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A Day In The Life Of A Journalism And Fashion Media Student At Kent State

Kent State is best known for their fashion school. In fact, it’s ranked third in the entire country. It won’t take you long to see countless different trends and styles as you walk down the esplanade and head to class. Creativity is everywhere in Kent, and the fashion school is one of the best portrayals of it. But what happens when you love fashion, but can’t sew for your life or have no interest in merchandising? If you love to write, express yourself through what you wear, and take photographs of it too, I give you: the journalism and fashion media student at Kent State! Aka, me. So what’s a typical day in my life like?


Where to find me:

Technically, I belong to the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, but I am also a part of the Fashion School. It’s like The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter wanted to put me in Gryffindor, but was torn between that and Hufflepuff, so they let me wear both cloaks. My week consists of writing, storytelling, some history, communications, and learning about the fashion world. Most of my time spent on campus is in Franklin Hall. I’m in my element in there: from interviews, writing, to editing stories. Two days a week, I find myself in the fashion building, filled with merchandise and design students, all dressed to the nines with their killer style.


What I wear:

Then, there’s me. Some days, I’ll be wearing my cutest outfit and ready to take on the world- well, class. Other days, I’m in leggings and a Nike hoodie, bumming it out in the cutest way possible. When in the fashion building, there’s this stigma to look your best, because you are studying fashion, right?


What I study:

So, you’re probably wondering, what exactly is fashion media? Well, it’s just that. Fashion in the media. A journalism and fashion media student at Kent State studies how fashion relates to the media, how different brands come about and maintain their name, and how to properly write for the fashion world. Covering runway shows and the latest street style, fashion media relates to it all.

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Ultimate career goal:

My dream job is to write for a fashion magazine, and I needed a way to blend both fashion and writing together. Majoring in magazine journalism and minoring in fashion media allows me to do just that. Sometimes I think of myself as Hannah Montana- journalism student by day, fashion media minor by night. It’s the best of both worlds, literally.


Is your day as a journalism and fashion media student at Kent State any different? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Allie Sarachene

Allie Sarachene is freshman at Kent State University, studying journalism and fashion media. Her dream job is to write for a fashion magazine in New York City. In Allie’s free time, you can find her drinking coffee, taking pictures or deciding what outfit she’s going to wear next.

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