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A Day In The Life of A College Boy

A Day In The Life of A College Boy

It seems that college boys have things totally made for them. Everything for a boy in college is so much easier than for a girl. They have simple schedules and you rarely see them actually completing work unless its 3am before a big exam. College for guys just seems like a huge party. Their routines differ from girls in so many ways because they have completely different priorities. Keep reading for a peek into a day in the life of a college boy!

1. Setting the alarm the night before class.

In a boy’s mind it’s perfectly fine to set an alarm for 7:55 to get up for their 8 am. All they do is roll out of bed and drag themselves to class, what kind of prepping do they need?

2. Waking up.

…haha JUST KIDDING. More like hit snooze and roll back over.


3. Time to get dressed!

Chubbies, Vineyard Vines shirt, white Nike elites, and of course, frat cruisers.

4. Possibly time for class.

In the rare occasion that a male shows up for class he will roll in a little late and pop open his MacBook to start googling anything other than what is required for class….probably checking the sale section on the Vineyard Vines site.

5. Chow time.

Ugh, a dude’s favorite time of day. Time to pop into the cafe or walk to Chick-fil-a and use as much of your meal plan as you can.

6. Gym time?

Time to throw on the home-made sleeveless t-shirt with your high school’s lax team logo on the front and strut around the gym as if you’re actually there to work out.


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WOW, what an intense workout, better fill up on a protein shake so the other bros can see me and feel inferior.

8. Work?

Ehhhhh, nah. Video games instead.

9. Okay, really, time for work.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Can’t do it.

 10. The weekends are for the boys!

IT’S PARTY TIME BROS. Time to bathe in cologne and get fratty!!!

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