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A Cute Phone Case For Every Zodiac Sign

A Cute Phone Case For Every Zodiac Sign

Here are cute phone case ideas depending on your zodiac sign. These affordable phone cases are cute and practical. Check out these affordable phone cases.

It’s a known fact we all carry our phones with us everywhere. While the new iPhone X is dropping on Oct 27, I’ve taken it upon myself to scout out the best phone cases for each zodiac sign. Since it’s highly unlikely the iPhone X will be a success, considering the fact it is going to cost nearly $1k, I’m sticking to the popular iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases. However, Apple quietly killed the 256 iPhone 7. You may or may not have noticed the only options for the iPhone 7 models are the 32 and 128GB model. The only way you’ll be able to receive more data is to upgrade to an iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Here is a list of the cute phone case ideas depending on your zodiac sign.


Aquarius are known for being progressive, independent, humanitarian and original human-beings. They love to have fun with their friends while helping others and fighting for good causes. Not to mention, they are fantastic listeners who can hold an intellectual conversation. While they might be born shy and quiet, they still have an eccentric and energetic side to them. Since they are able to hold their own, this Juicy Lips Clear Case is the move to make.

snap phone case with lips



Pisces are compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise and intuitive. They are friendly and find themselves in the company of several different people. Generally, Pisces are selfless and willing to help others. Their empathy and emotional intelligence is beyond belief. This cute phone case embodies the artistic side of a Pisces. Who wouldn’t love a Swatches Clear Case?

Swatches iPhone & Samsung Clear Phone Case Cover


Aries are the most courageous, determined, confident, optimistic, honest and enthusiastic sign in the zodiac. Although they might get impatient and short-tempered, they are great leaders and love physical challenges. They are always looking for competition, speed and to be the first in everything. They truly have that fire spark, ruled by the element of fire. This cute phone case sums up the Aries spark. Major Key obviously.


Major iphone 8 plus


Taurus are the reliable, patient, practical, responsible, stable and devoted signs of the zodiac. They love to cook, listen to music, working with their hands and romance. They love the fruits of labor and being surrounded by love and beauty. Sometimes they are mistaken as materialistic but are just trying to enjoy the finer things in life. They are ruled by the planet of love, satisfaction, creativity and gratitude. This cute phone case is perfect for them!

Fashion Killa - Clear Case Cover



These gentle, affectionate, curious and adaptable zodiac sign members are expressive and quick-witted. While they can represent two different personalities, you never know which one you are going to be faced with. They can either be sociable and ready for fun or serious and thoughtful. They are lovers of books, magazines, chatting and short trips around town. This Trippy Skull case is a cute phone case that showcases the creativity and edge of a Gemini.

Trippy Skull - Clear TPU Case Cover


Cancer are the most emotional, sympathetic, persuasive and tenacious members of the zodiac sign. They love helping loved once, relaxing by the water or hanging with friends. A Cancer are the most challenging zodiac sign to get to know because they care deeply about their family members and home. They are guided by emotion and their hard and sometimes are a bit defensive to the outer world. This cute phone case is perfect for them!


Premium Milkyway iPhone Case - Cloud 9


Leos are generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous and passionate. They love hanging out with their friends, bright colors, being admired and taking a holiday. Leos are natural born leaders who are self-confident and extremely difficult to resist. They commit to any area of their life and are “king of the jungle” status. Leos are loyal and are known for being warmhearted in love and life. This Sky High phone case is a cute phone case for a Leo, reflecting their bad-ass self.

Premium Milkyway iPhone Case - Sky High



The Virgo is an analytical, king, hardworking and practical person. They may appear shy and overly critical of themselves and others but are very attentive individuals. Virgos pay attention to small details and are some of the most careful people out there. They are organized and practical. This cute phone case, the Magic Clear Case, represents their strategic yet dreamy view of life.

Premium Milkyway iPhone Case - Magic


Libras are diplomatic, cooperative, gracious, social and fair-minded. While they can sometimes be indecisive and avoid confrontation, they are gentle and love harmony and the outdoors. They are peaceful, fair and hate being alone. They are intellectuals with a keen mind and hold outstanding conversation This cute phone case is a pretty good distinction between their ability to balance life well. The Floral Yin Yang case is perfect for them.

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Wood - Floral Yin Yang


The Scorpio is brave, passionate, stubborn, resourceful and a true friend. Scorpios live for facts, truth, longtime friends and grand passion. As a Scorpio, they express their experiences and emotions rationally and are trustworthy people. Scoprios are fierce and understand the rules of the universe. They often are spiritual beings! This cute phone case is a no-brainer for a Scorpio. Who doesn’t love the mystic vibes of this phone case?


Gypsy Style - Clear Case Cover


Sagittarius are generous, have a great sense of humor and are idealistic. They love freedom, travel and philosophy as well as being outdoors. They are highly curious and energetic and are the biggest travelers among the zodiac signs. Sagittarius approach life with an open mind. Sagittarius are philosophical. They are always searching for the meaning of life. They are usually extroverts and enthusiastic to change. This Adventurer Clear Case is the perfect cute phone case for a Sagittarius.

Adventurer' - Clear Case Cover



The responsible, disciplined, self-control and good mannered zodiac sign. A Capricorn is into tradition, understands status and values family. They are often very serious by nature and have a strong state of independence. Capricorns progress in life both in terms of their personal and professional lives. They love to make a solid and realistic plan and quickly learn from their mistakes. As a Capricorn, they are extraordinarily practical, as they are Earth signs. This cute phone case is perfect for a Capricorn. The Cactus Overload Clear Case is a cute phone case for a Capricorn!

Cactus Overload - Clear TPU Case Cover

Let us know what you think about these cute phone case ideas in the comments below! Here are 24 zodiac sign tattoos for each astrological sign!
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