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A College Girl’s Guide To A Last Minute Spring Break Body

Spring break season is upon us, but is your spring break body? It happens to the best of us every year. The months of January and February fly by without warning and we are stuck with our post holiday pounds still weighing down our confidence.

No one can drop tons of weight in a short amount of time in a healthy manner, however, a last minute perfect bikini figure is not out of the questions if you know your body well enough to follow these few steps and fit them to your shape and lifestyle.

1. Fruits and veggies are your friend.

If you want to look and feel your best in a short amount of time, clean eating is the answer. Nothing says “I love my body” like some much needed fresh veggies after the cold months of hot chocolate and late night pizza. If you’re not the kind of girl who wants to eat like a bird, try something like fun smoothie recipes or Açaí bowls. Eating ample amounts of fruits and veggies can seem like an impossible task. Some ways to make it a little easier are to put peanut butter on your apples or Nutella on your strawberries. A little bit of will power and a lot of self-control might let you enjoy this clean eating thing.

2. Water is your best friend.

Drink up ladies, I cannot say it enough. There’s lemon water with mint leaves or apples and cinnamon in water. These are only two of the many water cleanses that I can attest to. Not only will it make you feel better about yourself, but staying hydrated is the also the best natural way to clearer, glowing skin. Drinking enough water throughout your day will also help you feel fuller longer and ease your nighttime cravings.

Hint: If you are craving something sweet try this little trick. Eat a small piece of whatever you are craving (a spoon full of ice cream or square of a chocolate bar) followed by a full glass of water, it works like a charm!

3. Ditch the alcohol.

If you are looking for a last minute diet, then it’s safe to assume that your spring break festivities are not far into the future. So, wait it out! Alcohol not only dehydrates you and your skin, but also leaves you craving greasy and unhealthy meals that will only set you further back from where you started. You’ll feel more accomplished and you will have even more of a reason to celebrate in the end with your ready-to-go spring break body.

4. Know what flatters you.

Bathing suits now-a-days come in all shapes in sizes just like us girls do! So take some time, do a little shopping around, and find what really fits you well and shows off your favorite assets. Some staple pieces are ideal to keep an eye out for such as a solid colored high-wasted or one piece bathing suit that you can always dress up with a fun cover-up that can add as much or as little coverage as you’d like.

You can also go for eccentric patterns, flirty T-shirts, or just a completely unique suit in general. Not being completely obsessed with your spring break body doesn’t mean you can’t be unbelievably in love with the one of kind bathing suit you’re dying to show off. Everyone will be way more focused on your look and even more so, your ability to pull it off.

Here are some cute and flattering options:

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5. Workout!

Lets face it, college and the gym do not tend to go hand-in-hand. Especially when the week before spring break is usually filled with midterms and late night snacks. I cannot promote the lifestyle and workout routines of the typical Instagram model. This is because I only know the ways of the college girl who ideally avoids the big, scary gym on campus.

However, it’s not impossible to have a spring break body fit for a queen and feel like you belong on everyone’s explore page! With that being said, do the most until you can do the absolute bare minimum on a beach. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a gym, walk to class, take the stairs, or do that Pinterest ab workout we all have pinned to our “spring break” board. If you are feeling a little adventurous, hit the gym for 20 minutes. I can guarantee you will not regret it. It is entirely true when they say that getting there is the hardest part.

6. Be confident!

Confidence is key. There is no better time to be confident than when you’re somewhere warm, in a bikini, and with a drink. Even if you did only start going to the gym two days before you left, you did more than someone else around you. Be proud! Being healthy and fit is amazing. There’s just no better way to show off that you’ve completely killed it. As for how you look while you’re killing it, remember that no one captures a room or a beach better than someone who is completely content and confident in their own skin!

Share your tips on how to get a last minute spring break body in the comments below!
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Kate Wildonger

My name is Kate Wildonger and I am a Junior at the University of South Carolina & currently have the wonderful opportunity of studying in Florence, Italy. Writing and traveling have always been where & when I find the most happiness and feel the most like myself, & being able to share that with you is a blessing and a dream! XoXo

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