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A Camel’s Guide To Eating At Connecticut College

A Camel’s Guide To Eating At Connecticut College

When you get to college, one of the biggest changes you’ll encounter is the food situation.  You’re now entirely responsible for what you eat, with no one to monitor what you’re ingesting or telling you when to have dinner.  This is incredibly liberating, but can also be incredibly nerve-wracking: after all, no matter how many Buzzfeed lists you study you’re still going to be absolutely clueless when it comes to the specifics of Conn’s food scene. Well, fear no longer!  Here’s a Camel’s guide to eating at Connecticut College: 8 do’s and don’ts when it comes to eating on campus.

1. Don’t stock up on insta-ramen!

Conn has a full meal plan included with your tuition, so you’ll never worry about having to go hungry.  If you’re really in the mood for the most quintessential of college food, Harris occasionally sets up a ramen bar with lots of delicious options.


2. Do know what’s being served when and where!

If you want to maximize your dining hall experience, you’ll want to know what kind of food is served and when.  For instance, Harris only serves pizza during lunch, never during dinner (I don’t have any clue why that’s the case, either), while certain dinner specials like street taco night and the aforementioned ramen bar happen only once a week or a couple times a month.  Additionally, the other dining halls tend to close earlier in the evening than Harris and offer more limited, specialized options.  The CamelWeb homepage has a 3-day menu for all the dining halls and the foods they’ll be serving up, so be sure to check it often.



3. Don’t forget about Cro!

The food isn’t anywhere near as good, but the student center does have a cafe that serves food until around 1 AM – perfect for when you miss dinner to finish up an important essay or project.  The tradeoff is that it’s not free like the dining halls, but you get a decent amount of Camel Cash every semester that you can use to pay.

4. Do bring your travel mug!

The mugs that Harris provides are teeny-tiny and barely hold any liquid, especially once you try to fit a tea bag and a slice of lemon along with your hot water.  Avoid this problem entirely by bringing your own.


5. Don’t run out of study snacks!!

Whether you’re hanging out with your squad or in the thick of a homework assignment, a little snack can make all the difference.  Stay away from fatty, sugary foods that will leave you feeling like crap and stock up on healthy items like fresh fruit, nuts, Greek yogurt, and light popcorn (okay, maybe that last one isn’t so healthy, but who can resist?)

6. Do let the dining hall know what you think!

One of the coolest things about Harris is that you can directly give feedback and make food requests to dining staff.  It’s simple: write whatever you want to ask them on a napkin, pin it to the bulletin board next to the dish washing station, and wait for a response.  They’re always open to new flavors, dishes, and options, and more often than not they actually try to implement all the suggestions they receive.

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7. Don’t forget about takeout!

Domino’s delivers pizza right to campus, as do a number of other take-out places.  Use – and choose – them wisely.


8. Do share this article with your college-bound friends!

Comment on your own personal food experiences at Conn, give firsthand advice, and sound off in the comments below!


What would you add to a Camel’s guide to eating on campus? Let us know in the comments!
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