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A Bucket List For Summer In Boulder, Colorado

If it’s one of your first summers living in Boulder, Colorado, it can be difficult to figure out how to spend your days and take full advantage of the natural world. There are so many unique activities that Boulderites get to take advantage of because of our location in the foothills, here is a list of activities to add to your bucket list for summer in Boulder.

1. Tube down the creek

Tubing down Boulder Creek is one the best ways to spend a hot summer day with a few friends. All you need is a few inflatable tubes, and maybe some good waterproof shoes. Make sure to check that the water levels in the creek are appropriate for tubing as there are large rocks and drops throughout the creek. The cold creek water will keep you cool, and you and your friends will have a hell of a time tubing over rapids together.

2. Go to the farmer’s market

Going to the farmer’s market is an excellent way to support local businesses and the local agricultural industry. The farmers market happens twice a week on 13th street, to accommodate the busy schedules of some of Boulder residents. The vendors at the market offer a variety of products such as organic fruits and veggies, fresh baked goods, and products from local beekeepers. This is a great activity for families, friends or couples during summer in Boulder.

3. Visit to Eldorado Canyon

The hikes around Eldorado Canyon State Park are some of the prettiest in the Boulder area. There are also ways to drive through many parts of the park if hiking is not up your alley. Visiting this park is a great way to take advantage of the natural beauty and mountains around Boulder without having to drive too far.

4. Participate in the Thursday night bike rides

Every Thursday night during summer in Boulder there is a massive group bike ride. Those who wish to participate need only show up with a bike to Scott Carpenter park, where they will see dozens of people waiting for the ride to begin. Each ride has a theme, and people decorate their bikes and pick outfits to reflect these themes. The rides travel all around Boulder, and take frequent brakes at various parks around town. This is a truly unique activity and a great way to make your summer in Boulder an amazing adventure.

5. See a concert at Red Rocks

One of the most special experiences that Boulder residents have access to is the concert venue Red Rocks. Red Rocks is a natural amphitheater around 40 minutes away from Boulder. Seeing a show here is unlike concerts at any other venue, due to the immense and beautiful rock formations around the venue. You can find event schedules and other information about Red Rocks here.

6. Go to a Film On The Rocks

In addition to concerts, Red Rocks also puts on movie nights. Seeing movies outdoors at Red Rocks is a great way to spend an evening with a date or friend. Here is the schedule for this summers films on the rocks. 

7. Creek Fest

Boulder Creek Fest happens every may by Boulder creek. There are carnival rides, live music, food trucks and a multitude of tents and vendors. Walking around the tents and stands is a great way to spend a day of summer in Boulder, or even three if you want to. The carnival food such as funnel cakes and fried pickles are a nice greasy break from the kale-quinoa diets we’re used to here in Boulder.

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8. Paddle on the Res

The Boulder Reservoir is located in North Boulder off of Jay Road. It is open to the public in summer, and with the proper licenses you can paddle around the reservoir in a canoes, paddle boards, or even motor boats. Colorado is a landlocked state, so spending time on the water can be a rare and welcome activity for summer in Boulder.

9. Walk around Pearl St.

At some points during summer in Boulder, Pearl Street can be incredibly over-crowded by tourists. However, when you go at the right time, Pearl can also be a lovely place to spend the day. The street-performers and musicians busking make the walk entertaining and enjoyable. There are lots of excellent restaurants around Pearl street to stop by if you get hungry while shopping.

We hope this list of activities for summer in Boulder helps you plan your next day off. Let us know in the comments what your favorite things to do in Boulder during the summer are.

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