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A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

The trick to beating Hangovers is knowing simply knowing your body and what works best for you. However, if you’re a newbie to the world of alcohol, you may be surprised with the sick feeling that commences the morning after your day of fun drinking. but hang on, that throbbing headache and queasy stomach can be helped with a variety of at home remedies. There are a plethora of hangover remedies that work amazingly well, but some are hopeful ideas that just plain don’t work and unfortunately can even make you feel worse, which can be frustrating and leave you to bite the mighty hangover with no aide. If you want to prepare yourself for the not so good consequence of drinking, here are some top tips for curing the next day pain after a wild night of partying.

1. Hair Of The Dog

Although some may say this remedy is a myth, it truly works wonders. A quick fix of the hair of dog won’t exactly cure your hangover, but it will definitely ease your pain in the morning. Before cooking yourself a greasy breakfast to soak up all of the alcohol from the night before making yourself a quick drink to give yourself some energy and alleviate some of the unsettling feeling your experiencing. We recommend drinking a bloody mary or mimosas for your choice of drink in the morning. Both drinks contain essential vitamins that will begin helping soothe your hangover and give you energy at the same time. Plus the carbonation of the champagne in mimosas will help calm an upset stomach.

A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

2. Rehydrate With Plenty Of Fluids

Something about alchohols chemical makeup and processing in our body causes us to begin getting dehydrated as we continued to drink. To avoid making yourself sick from dehydration, drink plenty of water before going out and before you go to sleep. Drink intermittently between alcoholic drinks to help hydration and avoid headaches and vomiting the next day. For the next morning drink fluids with added electrolytes, such as Gatorade, to replace the sugars you have depleted.

3. Stock Up On Carbs

Drinking tends to lower blood sugar levels which leads to headaches and fatigue. To combat these symptoms and give yourself fuel, stock up on your carbs before and after drinking.

A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

4. Vitamin B6

Take your vitamins! After a night out drinking your body needs a boost of nutrients in order to replenish itself and make you feel better. Vitamin B6, in particular, does a great job alleviating your hangover. When you drink alcohol you are preventing the absorption of natural B6 from entering your body. This hangover vitamin is responsible for boosting energy and cell metabolism, which can make the processing the alcohol in your system faster, making you feel better sooner. Take a vitamin B6 supplement before, during and after you drink.

5. Sweat It Out

It may be difficult to get out of bed the day after a night out partying, but it’s crucial that you do so. Take time to get in a quick workout or take a long walk. Exercise stimulates your metabolism making it easier for your body to process all of the alcohol in your system. In addition, sweating throughout a physical activity releases all of the toxins floating in your body, so you literal sweat out the alcohol. Exercise also increases dopamine levels, making you instantly happier and more motivated to get on with the rest of your day.

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A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

6. Catch Some Zzzz’s

The easiest way to combat a horrible hangover is with loads and loads of sleep. If you have the time, stay in bed a couple hours longer and sleep off all the bad hangover symptoms.

A Beginners Guide For Beating Hangovers

If you are going to drink, make sure you are drinking responsibly and are taking care of your body. Comment your favorite hangover remedies down below!

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