8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

Fourth of July is coming up and it is a time to party! Family and friends come from all over to meet up and have this celebration where it is inevitable to pop open a bottle of wine or share a beer.

However, different games involve different rules depending on the age of everybody. If it is primarily family-friendly, then try to include family-friendly games that use different teams to be different families. If everybody if over drinking age, you can do drinking games with everybody. If it is a kids party, try to do less educational games and more outdoor activities.

Here are eight party games all your guests will love on this upcoming day!

8 Fourth of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

1. Capture The American Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic family game played at almost every family gathering. Here, each team has an American Flag and one team has to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to their home territory. If a player is tagged by the opposing team, they are out of the game. It’s a simple game, but it is fun when it has a lot of people involved.

2. Patriotic Beer Pong

Of course, only play this if the guests are of drinking age. Patriotic beer pong consists of red, white, and blue cups and keeps the same rules of beer pong. However, at the end of this game, the losers chug down a bottle of beer per person.

3. Fireworks in the Sky – DRINK!

In this game, it is very simple. Every time a firework goes out in the sky, you have to drink the entirety of whatever drink you have. It could be a full beer, half a shot, or any type of drink. The person who holds their tolerance by the end of the night will win the game. Only play this game if everybody is of drinking age.

8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

4. Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Set up in your home a scavenger hunt consisted of historical knick-knacks and have the entire family look all over the yard for these items. The person who finds the Declaration of Independence wins.

Some things you can include in the hunt can be a constitution, a mini-flag, a war hat, or other American history knickknacks.

Try to exclusively leave this in the backyard because it will be very messy if it is indoors.

5. Charades

Every basic family event includes charades. Try to do an American history version of charades with the family and the team with the most correct guesses will win.

You can act out different wars and outcomes. Also, you can try to act out being one of the presidents based on their actions.

6. Fourth of July Jar

Fill up a jar with red, white, and blue jelly beans and have everybody guess how many jelly beans are in the jar. The winner gets a special prize from the party. It is a very simple game but it involves everybody.

7. American History Jeopardy

Everybody gets competitive with jeopardy. Have a family team version of jeopardy and whoever wins the game will get a prize based on the party. Use facts from American history and try to get the entire family involved.

8 Fourth Of July Party Games All Your Guests Will Love

8. Patriotic Bingo

If your family is primarily consisted of the older group, try to do a patriotic version of bingo that has to do with American history facts. You can find online prints of bingo and use it based on different decades for American history. Try to stay toward American independence theme, but you can also go off presidents bingo, war bingo, decades bingo, civil rights bingo, or other topics in history.

What are your favorite Fourth of July games? What are your guest’s favorite activities? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn't As Boring As People Think

Somewhere along the line, missionary sex got this bad reputation as something that is plain, vanilla, and just downright boring. Sure, it isn’t as exciting as doggy-style or cowgirl, but that doesn’t make missionary sex boring. If it’s good enough for Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits, it’s definitely good enough for us! While it may not be everyone’s favorite position, it’s one that is versatile and can be really fun if you do it right. If you think you’re on the tamer side of sex position preferences, here are 5 reasons why missionary sex isn’t as boring as people think!

1. Up Close and Personal

Missionary sex is the perfect position if you want to get up close and personal with your partner. Just think about it, you’re face to face which makes it amazing for maintaining intense eye contact with them, it gives you both the perfect opportunity for a steamy makeout sesh at any point during sex (which is something that everyone’s always down for), and you just feel a general closeness to them. Want to really leave your mark and dig your nails into their back? You can do that with missionary sex! Want to run your fingers through their hair? You can do that too! Are you really into neck kissing, either giving or receiving? This position is your best friend. If there was a sex position that feels like the epitome of catching feelings or falling in love, it’s missionary sex.

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

2. You Can Both Feel Like You’re In Control

Whether you like being the one in control or being controlled, there’s a possibility for both with missionary sex. Your partner will literally feel like the one in charge and overpowering you because they’re on top of you. However, you both have a say over how fast, intense, or deep they’re going. Want them to go deeper or slower? Pull them closer towards you. Don’t want them to thrust so hard or go faster? Push them away a little bit, which limits their reach but also allows them with more mobility to go faster. The power is in both of your hands.

3. You Can Really Spice Things Up

Is it getting hot in here or is it just… all the different elements that you can add to missionary sex? Think of this position like chicken or tofu, by itself it can be pretty bland but adding some seasoning will take it to the next level. Want to get a little hot and heavy? Your partner can pin your arms down, or better yet, they can tie them together or to the headboard. This is also a great position for your partner to choke you if you’re into that. Can you imagine? Choking with a side of deep eye contact? And to think some people have the audacity to call missionary sex boring.

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

4. It’s A Great Starting Off Point

Whether this is your first or a hundred time sleeping with someone, missionary sex can be a great position to ease your way into other ones. Think of missionary as your comfiest sweater, it’s almost always foolproof, and it can make you feel safe and at ease because it’s such a classic. Your partner can turn you over so you’re in doggy-style, pick you up and be against the wall, or switch so that you’re on top now. Regardless of where your night ends, missionary is a great place to start.

5. It’s Perfect For A Lazy Night

Let’s face it, you’re probably exhausted from a long day at work or school and all you want is to lay in bed and go to sleep. But there’s something about your partner tonight that just makes you want to rip their clothes off. What do you do? Missionary sex. It’s perfect for the nights where you just want to lay down and let your partner do most of the work. You can have the cake and eat it too!

5 Reasons Why Missionary Sex Isn’t As Boring As People Think

What are your thoughts on missionary sex? Does it have a bad rep and is it justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 Safety Tips Every College Student Should Know

8 Safety Tips Every College Student Should Know

While we view college as the next big step into adulthood, filled with exciting new ventures of freedom and prospect, it is still imperative college students remain mindful of potential dangers. A better part of your time will be spent within a large community, and much of the time you may find yourself alone, or caught in unfamiliar places at odd hours. Safety should be a top priority throughout your college experience, so here are some safety tips every college student should know.

1. Become Familiar

Becoming familiar with your surroundings is one of the first things every college students strive for during the first couple of weeks on campus. Getting a campus map during Freshman Orientation or from the administration offices, and studying the layout of your college can give you a sense of which areas are relative to your dorm, apartments and classes. Going out and exploring the campus with friends or trusted acquaintances at reasonable hours is one of the best ways to become familiar with your University campus. Becoming a familiar with the city your campus resides in is also crucial. Since situations like grocery shopping will become a regular occurrence it is good to know where certain exits are, which parts of town are safe, and if certain stores are less shady than others.

2. Alert Your Friends

If you are making a late night errand to the Biology building, visiting your banks ATM that may be in a secluded location, or meeting up with your Tinder date, make sure to alert your friends beforehand where you will be headed. Having your friends keep tabs on you does not feel so much like having parents keep tabs on you but having a back-up safety system set personally for you. We cannot always predict potential dangerous so it is important to take preventative measures where we can.

3. Lock-Up

Whether you are getting into a car, your apartment or your dorm always immediately lock the door behind you. Locking the door behind you is a safety tip that becomes habitual and second nature once done enough times consecutively. Be sure to alway lock your car, dorm and apartment when you leave as well. Even if you’re stepping away for a few minutes, a college campus can provide a false sense of trust in strangers to do the right thing when that is not always the case. It is a safety measure that does not take much effort on your part, so alway lock-up, whether you are coming or going.

8 Safety Tips Every College Student Should Know

4. Stay Updated

 Utilize and familiarize yourself with updates on crime happening on-campus and off-campus. Many universities and colleges offer on-campus police alerts of crime happening on the premises of the school and it’s surrounding areas. You can usually sign up for email or text alerts if your school offers these services. If you want to take it a step further do Google searches, and read up on articles, of local news publications on any potential dangers and crime happening nearby.

5. Don’t Update

While it may be habit to let your Instagram or Snapchat followers know what you are up to, it is a safety tip to turn off and not reveal your location at certain times and instances. When you are in secluded locations, and possibly alone, even in known safe havens like the university Library, one should take precaution and not reveal their exact location in real-time. Sometimes you can be unaware of who exactly has access to your profile, so to avoid any potential dangers, avoid giving out your location on social media during odd hours.

8 Safety Tips Every College Student Should Know

6. Have Safety Tools

Have your tools handy. Having pepper spray, mace or a whistle on you at all times, especially at times when you are alone, in a secluded location, in an unfamiliar location, or out late at night are essential. These tools can alert possible nearby bystanders or ward off an attacker. Campus safety services are other essential safety tools. Make sure you are aware of phone numbers for the campus escort services and know where all emergency phone stations are located in your vicinity.

7. Self-defense moves

Knowing moves of self-defense can be empowering and build self-confidence and self-reassurance in the feeling that your skills can possibly get you out of a harmful situation if one were to occur. You do not need to master the art of jujitsu to defend yourself, but some self-defense classes by a professional can give you pointers in a few moves that will help you if the need arises.

8 Safety Tips Every College Student Should Know

8. Monitor Your Drinks

I’m sure you have been told many times to be wary of offered drinks at a party. Date rape drugs are very real and very present within society. Although you may trust your fellow peers and acquaintances, you should be cautious in not accepting opens drinks from people you do not know, or people that you barely know. Parties bring about positives energy and can make you rather careless. Be astute in your surroundings and with things you consume.  

Do you have any safety tips you make sure to practice while on campus? Share with us down in the comments.
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8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are admittedly one of the sweetest gifts for BFFs to exchange. From a young age, my friends and I would make each other tokens commemorating our fun times together. Friendship bracelets are definitely one of the go to’s when it comes to gifts exchanged between pals but let’s explore some other options you might want to swap with your best buddies.

1. Tattoos

Now that you have finished primary school, plastic beads may feel a little passé for your grown up tastes. If it suits your tastes, friendship tattoos may be the new friendship bracelets to commemorate your years together. Hopefully, you will be quite sure that your friendship will last before getting inked.

For something less permanent, consider giving each other temporary tattoos first. It may even be a good idea to do this before getting inked for real.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

2. Stuffed Toys

When I was in grade two, my best friend and I were treated to a trip to the toy store. We were each allowed to choose one toy. Being best buddies led us to choose two bears that were the same model; she chose the blue one and I chose pink. For years after, even when we had grown apart, I would occasionally dig out my pink bear and remember the fun times we spent together.

If your BFF is the avocado to your toast, check out these adorable Jellycats.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

3. Notebooks

With so many luxurious, silly, and artsy notebooks for sale on the market, it is hard to overlook these as an option. I am sure you have that one friend who cannot stop buying notebooks. If you share this interest, perhaps you should consider getting matching notebooks to use either as journals or a place to share ideas.

Just like in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai and Rory had not had a chance to speak in awhile and Lorelai wrote down everything she wanted to say to Rory when she was not around, then when they were together, she was able to dig through the scraps of paper to catch up properly. If you are in a long-distance relationship with your friend, notebooks may be the way to go because not everything is best done over text.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

4. Phone Cases

Why not go full on millennial and get matching avocado toast phone cases for your best friend. Since friendship bracelets do not protect the vessel which allows you to post photos onto the internet, you might as well upgrade to a token of friendship that does.

If you have been friends since you were kids, perhaps your favourite cartoon characters might be more appropriate.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

5. Necklaces

If you actually really love friendship bracelets but maybe already have a pair, you might want to get matching necklaces as well! Matching lockets, crystals, and beads are only a few possibilities for what you and your friend can share. For a token of friendship that will physically lie close to your heart, consider wearing friendship necklaces.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

6. Socks

Socks are one of the best gifts anyone can receive so why not get your best friend (group) matching socks you can wear together during your slumber parties? One year for Christmas, I got myself and two friends matching socks with our favourite plant printed all over them. They were delighted! We wore them together almost every time we had a sleepover that year.

These pizza socks would be perfect for a friends who have regular pizza parties.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

7. Rings

Another jewellery item that comes to mind are rings. Like wedding rings but for friends, friendship rings do exist and can be adorable. If you and your friend are both ring people, this option would be appropriate. You can even have a friend wedding ceremony when you exchange the rings.

Get it here:

*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

8. Water Bottles

For the sake of your BFF’s hydration needs, consider getting matching water bottles. With so many pretty patterns, customizable designs, and quirky characters, you are sure to have a fun time shopping for something that will catch your eye. On your outings, you will be able to sip out of your trendy water containers together.

Get it here:*8 Cute Alternatives To Friendship Bracelets

As a symbol of your journey together, friendship bracelets are a great! They are a token from one friend to another commemorating the memories you share. You may, however, be looking for something different to exchange with your BFF. Hopefully, this list will spark your imagination for something appropriate to share with your old pal!

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6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

When you’re on a budget or a university student, cheap meals are your best friend. Here are some brilliant cheap meal ideas so next time you’re in a need of a cheap and fast meal this will be one to go to.

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

1. Pasta Bake

Pasta is the best thing when you’re wanting something that will fill you up fast and maybe even something you can eat for lunch the next day. Pasta Bake is quick and easy and once you’ve smashed it into the oven all you have to do is wait for you cheesy, tomatoey heaven to be finished. I would recommend this if you’re on the go a lot, especially with school because you can cook this and take it with you.

2. Spaghetti Bolonegse 

Spag Bol is a classic, and if you’re not a fan then there’s something wrong with you. When you’re confused if you want something meaty or if you want pasta then this is the dish for you. I mean, can you go wrong? You can even mix it up by adding in some garlic bread to keep your carbie life on the go. Carbs are the key to the soul.

3. Mac N Cheese

Do you love Cheese as much as Wallace? “Cheeeese, Gromit!” Cheesy pasta is the best. Mac N Cheese is a great dish for cheese lovers and it’s so easily made. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even add in some bacon to spice it up a little bit, and then you’ll have the cheesiest bacon pasta you can possibly create. You can’t go wrong with Mac N Cheese and maybe if you load yourself up with pasta you won’t be crying over your assignments, you’ll be celebrating them with fooood. We stan a queen who loves cheap meals!

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

4. Fish Finger Sandwiches

If you’ve never had a fish finger sandwich, then you’re living a deprived lifestyle. We stan a queen that can eat a loaded fish finger sandwich. Mix it with whatever sauce you love, maybe mayo, tartare, or even ketchup. Re-live your childhood with something as simplistic as fish fingers and then smack it onto a sandwich and the world is your oyster. This is really filling so you won’t need more than one small sandwich, or maybe a wrap to lessen the heaviness of it if you’re having a busy day. But this for lunch, will set you up for your entire day as you’ll feel satisfied for a while.

5. Cheese Burgers

They don’t exactly have to be cheese burgers, but burgers are a perfect and easy dinner idea. You cannot go wrong with burgers, and they’re a favourite. Burgers for dinner is a great way to make your mind wander to summer, mentally prepping yourself for those summer BBQs to come. If you’re not a bread fan, maybe have the burger without the bun and still indulge.

These are the greatest cheap meal ideas for when you’re struggling to budget or maybe if you’re just in a rush. They’re all quick and easy recipes that can be made from the love of your own kitchen. Forget cheap meals, these are heavenly ones!Get yourself into that kitchen, and rustle up some of these amazing and quick things that can keep your stomach going when you’re having some hectic things going on. Whether it be work, university, or just plain life. Nothing a big of pasta or a good burger will not fix to take your mind of it. Did you find these suggestions useful? If so, tell me which ones where you favourite. If you have some recommendations. Cheap meals are the way forward!

6 Cheap Meals You Can Make At Home

Which cheap meals will you try? Tell us in the comments below!


8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

Storage bins are a simple solution for clothing organization. In a shared dorm room, you must make it your priority to ensure that your roommate does not hate your guts. To do this, keep your stuff contained. This is easier said than done but I have found that storage bins are the most effortless way to keep things neat. In a rush, you always have the option to toss your clothes into a bin and there will be no excuse to leave them anywhere else. After scouring the internet (and getting carried away by Ikea’s website) I have compiled a list of cute storage bins for you to buy if you are in need on one for your dorm room.

1. Colourful

If you’ve landed yourself a classic grey and dreary dorm room, add a few bright pops of colour to liven up the space. These West Elm baskets will act as the perfect catchall for the base of your closet, by your bed, or next to your desk. In addition to holding clothes, these baskets will provide the perfect cozy home for your favourite stuffed toys. Drape your baby blanket over it and you won’t have to worry about feeling homesick in your dorm room.

Get it here:

*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

2. Natural

This rustic option is made of natural wood so if you are channelling eco-chic in your new dorm room, these storage bins will be perfect! The old school wooden milk crate look is so laid back and full of character. If you want to make these crates even more personalized, take advantage of the grainy wood surface and paint it however you want. But if flowers and rainbows are not your style, consider staining and/or varnishing the wood to seal in the splinters and enhance the natural patterns of the wood. These are available already decorated but you can find the plain version at Home Depot.

Get it here:*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

3. Octopus

Anthropologie always sell adorable versions of home decor products. This octopus bin is so perfect if you are going for an “under the sea” themed dorm room. Even if you aren’t, the addition of this octopus bin to your room would probably brighten up your mornings. Put your favourite stuffed animals in this storage bin and watch them become friends with this big guy.

Get it here:

*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

4. Felt

This style of felt storage bins from Ikea is called Pudda. It probably is not what the designers had in mind but I think Pudda is very fitting for these baskets because they are soft like pudding. If most of your wardrobe consists of sweats, these felt baskets will match them perfectly! The soft heather grey and little buttons come together to create a cubical basket which looks so much like a solidified pair of sweatpants. If you have also got some smaller items like socks and mittens to store, you’re in luck because Ikea also sells a much smaller version of these felt baskets.

Get it here:

*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

5. Picnic Basket

Although this “storage bin” is technically a picnic basket, I think it is easy to see how this would make a very practical and cute storage bin. The solid structure and wide opening makes it easy to store and organize articles of clothing. Best of all, this bin doubles up as a picnic or shopping basket. To save our planet from plastic bags, take this basket with you to the campus supermarket. You would just have to dump out all your clothes on the bed first. No worries though. You will pick them up as soon as you are back from the store . . . right?

Get it here:

*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

6. Crystal Clear

Bed Bath and Beyond is of course a well-known one stop shop for students preparing for university. These storage bins a are sleek, modern and stylish way to keep organized. They even come with lids on hinges which makes these bins easy to stack. The only trouble is that with bins this crystal clear, you better make sure the insides are organized!

Get it here:*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

7. Wagon

For a storage bin you can roll, check out this adorable wagon container. If you are storing dirty clothes in here, you can hold it by the little green rope to wheel this wagon to the laundry room to wash your clothes. When the cycle is done, hold that green rope to wheel the wagon back to your dorm room. What a way to make new friends.

Get it here:

*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

8. Practical Plastic

Moving into dorms with all your favourite clothes is no small feat. Personally, I chose the very practical lidded storage bins for my move in day and continued to use them throughout the year to store my belongings. They also came in very handy when I moved to off-campus housing in the following years. Mine had a bright green lid but this one has an adorable twist with the addition of polka dots. These bins allow you to pack very compactly for ease of transport.

Get it here:

*8 Storage Bins Cute Enough To Have In Your Dorm Room

I think we can all agree that storage bins are a must when it comes to dorm room organization. If you are looking for the perfect one before you cross it off your list, I hope this list helps. Pick one that will brighten up your day while you get ready for class in the mornings.

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8 Influencer Aesthetics You’ll Want To Copy

8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

Instagram has become a form of currency in our society. If you’re looking to build your business or brand, the more followers and likes you get can help you exponentially. However, for others, Instagram is just, well, fun. Expressing yourself through a digital platform can be a form of art in itself. Here are some of Insta’s top influencers with aesthetics you’ll want to copy.

1. @sahar.luna

Sahar’s Instagram is beautifully quirky and aesthetically pleasing. Close up shots of various objects and people are juxtaposed with cartoons, stunning selfies, and images from her day to day life. She keeps things cool and casual, but is so gorgeous she could pull off pretty much any look. She’s not afraid to show her sense of humor, as well as get creative with photos.

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

2. @wolfiecindy

Wolfiecindy blew up on Instagram after she caught Justin Bieber’s attention a few years back. Since then, she’s become one of Insta’s most famous influencer’s and models. Try and copy her aesthetic; if you can. Her page is full to the brim of explorations over all parts of the world, shots of exquisite food, and selfies to the max. Keeping up with the lifestyle of the rich and famous might get it a bit hard with this one.

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

3. @toopoor

This one’s for all you goth girls out there. Toopoor’s aesthetic is, well, a little scary, to say the least. But somehow, she makes scary look cute and effortlessly cool. There’s a whole lot of black going on, as well as a few gruesome shots that might make your stomach turn. Her page is definitely different, and more than a little quirky. If you’re into the darker side of things, this page might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

4. @internetgirl

Internetgirl is Instagram’s favorite internet, pop punk princess. With a hair color that seems to be ever-changing, Internetgirl showcases her many impressive — and colorful — outfits for her over 200k followers to enjoy. Things are always interesting, a little weird, and never boring on this page. If you’re looking to get creative with your flow, check her page out for inspiration.

Check it out here:*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

5. @ayladlyla

Ayla’s Instagram feed takes you back to a simpler time with over-edited, filtered photos. She shares pictures from her day to day life, advertises her music, and posts selfies on selfies. She’s drop dead gorgeous, and get’s creative with her editing, which is hard to find on Instagram these days. Her page will remind you of Instagram in it’s infancy, when things weren’t so serious.

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

6. @victoriavillarroel

Everyone knows about Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s infamous best friend; Victoria is Kylie’s assistant, and her page is just as interesting as the former. Composed primarily of selfies, bikini pictures, and snaps from the latest festival, she’s just a step down from King Kylie herself. The average person may not be able to attend as many VIP events as she does, but feel free to get your selfie on and capture that bikini body for the Summer.

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

7. @taviabonetti

Tavia is one of Instagram’s more humble models, and girlfriend to Brockhampton’s very own Matt Champion. She posts a few bikini shots, some close up selfies, food she enjoys, and other random pictures from her travels. Check out her page for more!

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

8. @babymeia

Babymeia’s page is a model but foodie in disguise. Not only does she post breathtaking selfies and photos from campaigns she’s working on, she shares the delicious treats she eats with her followers. Take a book out of her page and don’t be afraid to show your face; or your food.

Check it out here:

*8 Influencer Aesthetics You'll Want To Copy

Hopefully seeing these influencers’ Instagrams has given you a few ideas for your own aesthetic. Which one of these is your favorite? Comment below!

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A Guide To Buying Bed Sheets For A Hotel-Worthy Sleep

A Guide To Buying Bed Sheets For A Hotel-Worthy Sleep

Shopping for bed sheets has been one of my favourite activities since I was 12 years old. I knew it was unusual at the time but now I see that by making mistakes early on in life, I have learned how to buy great bed sheets now that I am in my twenties. This guide is not definitive as I am sure I still have lots to learn but for the time being, these are my tips for buying the best bed sheets in your budget.

Thread Count

Personally, my favourite sheets are 300 thread count. I believe that this is the best value in terms of price and quality. Depending on your budget, you may want to go up or down in your choice of thread count. In my opinion, sheets with thread counts upwards of 600 start to feel freakishly slippery but I admit they are nice for one or two nights in a hotel. I will probably change my opinion with age but being in my early-twenties, I continue to be content with 300 thread count.

A Guide To Buying Bed Sheets For A Hotel-Worthy Sleep


I have made the mistake of buying patterned bedding just once and that was enough. This is quite personal so you might decide that patterns are the right way to go for you. But even as an absolute pattern fanatic, I avoid patterned bedding. The one I had chosen was white with a beautiful watercolour flower print. It did not work out in the end because if there were any wrinkles, waves, or puckers in the bed sheets, the pattern would accentuate it. This may not be a problem if you are the perfect bed maker but I personally think that the patterns are not worth the extra effort. Besides, you may get tired of or not be in the mood for the particular pattern you chose. Plain bed sheets create a calm, blank space for your mind to rest at the end of the day and also leaves the space for possibilities when you wake up each morning. If you get tired of the plain bed sheets, you can add some fun cushions and throws to your bed and there will be no need to worry about them matching.

A Guide To Buying Bed Sheets For A Hotel-Worthy Sleep


I think of a new set of bed sheets as an investment so I would not recommend trying out a brand new colour when choosing the colour of your bedding. Variety IS the spice of life but try out your next bold new colour in an article of clothing that costs less than a whole new bed set. Either choose something neutral or the colour you find yourself most comfortable wearing (just avoid black as it is a bit harsh). For me, this is blue or grey but since purple is quite close to blue, I decided to give dusty purple a go and they ended up being my favourite bed sheets.

No Embroidery

Usually only the duvet cover is embroidered but, trust me, avoid embroidery for bed sheets too. Embroidery is an absolute nightmare when it comes to ironing your bed sheets. Even if you do not iron your sheets, the embroidery will most likely make it impossible for your bedding to lay flat. The edges of the embroidery will almost always make the rest of the fabric pucker and it is never comfortable. I once stayed at an Airbnb where they provided a duvet cover with embroidery all-over. It was so incredibly scratchy and uncomfortable. 100% would not recommend.



Cotton is hands down the best material to buy. In my experience, lyocell is cool (which is nice if that is your preference) but gets twisted up easily. Cotton percale or cotton sateen are slightly stiffer (or less floppy) and therefore launder nicely. When laying out these cotton sheets, it is easy to get them to lay flat and effortless to iron. The glossy texture of well-treated cotton makes these sheets a delight to curl up in. When looked-after well, cotton sheets will last you years! Invest in something good and your satisfaction will shut down any desires to buy new bed sheets which is great for your wallet and for the environment!

If you are due for new bed sheets, remember to invest in something that you will be happy to use for years to come. Hopefully these tips will come in handy for your bed linen shopping mission. Choose wisely and you can look forward to years of hotel-worthy sleep.

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10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

Our celebrities play a huge role in our lives. We act like them, talk like them, and develop a culture through them. Many celebrities work hard to embrace our community, and here are some that are true role models that we should follow.

1. Michelle Obama

As said by Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.” Michelle Obama is one of the most inspirational women known today. Being a First Lady of the United States, she took upon her role to advocate fitness, well-being, equality, and education for all. She has created many anti-bullying campaigns and was famous for her advocation of MyPlate instead of the food pyramid. She has made instrumental changes to healthy living and education nationwide and is a true inspiration for always standing up for what she believes in.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

2. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, a comedian and television host for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is an inspirational role model for her advocacy, donations, and care for people all over the nation.

She is selfless at heart and always tries her best to involve herself in current events and helping the community. To helping individuals, communities, and awareness movements, she has made an effort in all different fields. One such example is when Ekhlas Ahmed, a Sudan refugee, was brought onto her show and noted for her $22,000 dollars in debt, in which DeGeneres herself paid off. Another example is when she spoke out for the Proposition 8 controversy in California that made same-sex marriage illegal. Overall, DeGeneres has made numerous contributions to society and works hard to advocate the rights and equality of all.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an entertainment figure known for her advocacy of self-love. Although many criticize her on her “goofy” outfits, she wears them to prove to her fans that she is able to embrace herself and they should be too. She calls out her fans to love themselves and to embrace their qualities. She even created the Born This Way foundation to empower youth and advocate for mental wellness.

Her inspirational actions drive her fans every day to love themselves and to not alienate themselves. Instead, they act upon the actions of Lady Gaga and embrace their qualities.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

4. Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a technological entrepreneur and genius known throughout the world. He is the CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, founder of SpaceX, conceptual creator of Hyperloop, creator of Zip2 which was later known as Paypal, and has many other achievements in his life. Being that he taught himself computer programming at the age of twelve, he encourages all young minds to expand themselves and to pursue their dreams.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

5. Emma Watson

Well-known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson is a feminist icon and educational advocate that is inspirational to the youth today. She launched the HeForShe campaign and gave a speech in the United Nations headquarters to emphasize what the movement is all about. Along with this, she promotes the accessibility of education for women in Bangladesh and Zambia. Overall, Watson is an inspirational role model to not care about what critics say and to act on her own beliefs.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

6. Serena Williams

“For every negative comment, there’s a million good comments,” as said by Serena Williams in a quote to The Guardian. Despite her impressive Olympic record, she promotes healthy living, equality in race and gender, and a positive body image for all women. Being the second woman to achieve a Grand Slam title, she makes an effort to talk about how it is to be a black woman in sports.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

7. J.K. Rowling

Famous for her Harry Potter novels, J. K. Rowling is an inspirational writer for teens, children, and families all over the world. She encourages a young audience to read a lot more and pursue education. Along with that, she shows how an ordinary woman with a story and dedication ended up being one of the most famous writers in the world.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

8. Steve Jobs

Known for being the creator of Apple and Pixar, Steve Jobs is a famous technological genius who is also inspirational for his message to pursue your dreams. At first, when he had created Apple, he had been fired from Apple and then brought back in later years. He had numerous failed attempts at companies and technological ideas, but he still pursued his dreams. Being that he had never had a college education, Jobs was still able to achieve a ton of accomplishments because he was dedicated. Every day he would live it like it was his last day, and this is an inspiration for the development of character.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

9. John Lennon

Despite being a musical icon known for his role in The Beatles, John Lennon was an advocate of equality and peace. He had used his fame and eccentric spirit to unite others and bring harmony to communities. For example, he was a performer in Woodstock, a famous music festival that occurred in the late sixties. He had promoted the end of war and for every person to love one another. This advocacy makes John Lennon an inspiration, that he tried to bring peace to all through his musical talent.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

10. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a celebrity known for her advocacy of self-love and awareness for mental health. She opens up about her history with depression and wants her fans to love one another and to embrace themselves. Songs like “Firework” and “Roar” inspire many of her fans to pursue their dreams and to love their own personal qualities. She is a true inspiration to loving oneself.

10 Celebrities Who Are Famous Role Models

Who are some of your inspirational celebrities? Why are they inspirational to you? Tell us in the comments!

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10 S’mores Recipes Perfect For A Summer Bonfire

10 S'mores Recipes Perfect For A Summer Bonfire

These s’mores recipes will keep you buzzing with sugar at your next summer bonfire. Be warned! This list contains some of the most tempting s’mores recipes on the internet that will leave you with no choice but to run out to the closest store to load up on the 3 main ingredients: graham crackers, (vegan) marshmallows, and really good chocolate. I would, however, advise that you only make one at a time to avoid being sick from sugar. Proceed with caution.

1. Classic S’mores

For a recipe free from bells and whistles, you cannot beat classic s’mores. The combination of 3 simple ingredients results in a treat that tastes like so much more. Over a fire or in the oven, melt some marshmallows. This works just as well with vegan marshmallows so vegetarians and vegans can enjoy them along with everyone else. After toasting the marshmallows over the fire, sandwich it in between two graham crackers and a chunk of chocolate.

If you are making s’mores in the oven, lay out the graham crackers neatly over a baking sheet and place the marshmallows over half of the crackers. Since the chocolate melts a lot faster than the marshmallow, you must put the chocolate onto the other half of the graham crackers only when the marshmallows are toasted halfway. Making a s’more for somebody is one of the sweetest bonfire gestures so surprise someone special (or everyone).

2. S’mores Cheesecake

If you have done the impossible and have finally eaten enough cheesecakes to be sick of them, maybe it is time for a new twist on the classic. I assume you have tried strawberry and Oreo cheesecakes but now it is time for a s’mores cheesecake.

This s’mores recipe looks like a s’more mess from the top but as soon as you slice it open you will find a creamy cheesy centre. The graham cracker crust crumbles nicely in its golden brown glow. Enjoy devouring a slice of this campfire treat hybrid. Find the full recipe here.

10 S’mores Recipes Perfect For A Summer Bonfire

3. S’mores Pudding

For a fun read and a delicious recipe, follow this link. Krissy tells the story of her journey with pudding. She has developed this s’mores recipe that is, in fact, a pudding. This pudding is topped with a slightly burnt and very toasty marshmallow — perfect for a toasty night in. That hot bath she mentions doesn’t sound like a bad way to enjoy the pudding either.

4. S’mores Sandwich

If you have not had dinner and want to skip straight to dessert, you may need something to keep you full other than sugar. Martha Stewart has you covered. This is a classic s’mores recipe with the key addition of the baguette which sandwiches it. For details, find the recipe here.

5. S’mores Trail Mix

This trail mix recipe is perfect if you have a sweet tooth. Enjoy this mix of cereal, chocolate, almonds, and marshmallows next time you go on a hike or need a good movie snack. Just remember to have an airtight container ready if you are confident that you will not be finishing it in one sitting (I wouldn’t be so sure). Check out this convenient s’mores recipe here.

6. S’mores Hot Chocolate

If almost every coffee chain can do it, so can you! This s’mores recipe is simple yet impressive enough to serve at your next movie night. A hot chocolate topped with marshmallows is already half a s’more. With the simple addition of graham crackers your hot chocolate will be a full blown s’more in liquid form. This recipe features a clever addition graham crackers in a way that keeps them from becoming soggy.

10 S’mores Recipes Perfect For A Summer Bonfire

7. S’mores Dip

This s’mores dip recipe is essentially a deconstructed s’more (with the addition of cream cheese it is a deconstructed s’mores cheesecake). This recipe is s’mores filling in a bowl and is meant to be dipped into by graham crackers. So next time you want to have fondue night but do not have the right serving equipment, try this quick and easy s’mores recipe. Find the full recipe here.

8. S’mores Pancakes

For those lazy Sunday mornings that require a big jolt of sugar, surprise your family with a tall stack of these s’more pancakes. Served with a dark and bitter shot of espresso, their taste buds will awake in no time. S’mores recipes may not be very breakfast friendly but this one definitely is! Follow this link for the recipe.

9. S’mores Cookies

These s’mores cookies look absolutely darling with the glossy rectangles of Hershey chocolate shining at the top of each one. Try this recipe next time you are attending a meeting or party in need of finger food. You are almost definitely guaranteed to have a s’mores-positive crowd. For the recipe, click here.

10 S’mores Recipes Perfect For A Summer Bonfire

10. S’mores Brownies

If you find the above s’mores recipes to be difficult, you’ll get by with a little help from Betty Crocker for this one. For this recipe, you will get to spruce up the original brownie mix with marshmallows, graham, and chocolate. Try making this with a red spoon and see if they turn out even tastier. Find the recipe here.

These s’mores recipes put a twist on the classic campfire treat and makes them great desserts to serve during different occasions. Bring the gooey marshmallow, crumbly graham cracker, and melted chocolate mess into your life even if you are nowhere close to a campfire. Just remember not to burn your tongue!

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