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I Binge 90’s Shows And Here’s Why

I Binge 90’s Shows And Here’s Why

If you love watching old tv shows, you're not alone! Check out all the life lessons you can learn from watching 90's shows!

With TV shows being released what seems like every other day, deciding on what to watch becomes an extremely personal decision. Even though it’s 2018, I find myself rewinding (pun intended) to the 90’s for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it seems like there is a force pulling me backwards and other times I dive directly into the wormhole. We may share reasons, we may not, but here’s why I binge TV 90’s shows:

1. Need A Good Laugh

Now I’ll be the first to admit that there is a lot of hit or miss physical comedy in shows from the 90’s. From Steve Urkel’s “Did I do that?” to Cody Lambert getting electrocuted by lightning multiple times, I return to these shows when I desperately need a pick me up. Whether it’s a classic case of miscommunication or Cory and Shawn running a Bed and Breakfast out of Mr. Feeny’s house, I know I will finish the episodes in a better mood.

Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

2. Association

If you’re like me and spend a good amount of time searching people on IMDB because of that “where are they from?” feeling, chances are the celebrity had a guest role on a show from the 90’s. It’s satisfying to see the progression of an actor or to find that a character you liked as a child is someone you became obsessed with later. Also, Eddie will always be the best character outside of the core ensemble on Friends.

Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

3. Continuity: Finding Parallels

On the same thread as association, I enjoy programs with a history through spinoffs. These continuous threads create a more expansive tv universe which I believe 90’s shows do incredibly well. From Fuller House to Girl Meets World, there are so many past storylines that are referred to or expanded on. For the “sequels” to achieve maximum impact, you must watch the originals.

Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

4. Life Lessons

Sure a majority of the after school special moments can be corny but I would be lying if I said I learned nothing from these shows. Tackling issues like bullying, addiction, and relationships helped me navigate the world. As an adult I can look back on those influential moments in gratitude and locate the ones that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

5. Something to Share

When meeting new people, it can be difficult to find things in common. 90’s shows have been a sort of ice breaker for me when meeting people in any social setting. Chances are they’ve seen at least an episode of Full House and if not, it becomes something new that you share with them. Passing on that experience or reveling in the shared desire is a fantastic thing.

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Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

6. Escape: Clear Your Mind

There are days when “current” programming just doesn’t resonate with you and that’s okay! Sometimes you just need something familiar playing in the background while you get work done. It’s an interesting phenomenon to know what’s expected on a show so you aren’t experiencing any confusion or questioning. 90’s shows provide that momentary release no matter the reason why.
Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

7. Expenses

Above all I binge 90’s shows because I want to put all my streaming services to use. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime if you aren’t taking advantage of these shows then I sincerely hope you are getting your money’s worth in other ways. My favorite shows are at my fingertips and it would be silly to waste that.

Here are some lessons you'll learn from 90's shows!

What are some of your favorite 90’s shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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