9 90s Inspired Looks You’ll Love

Depending on your age the ’90s feel light years away, or like they were just yesterday. Regardless of your age, this was a decade of trends that still inspire modern day fashion. If you find yourself drawing inspiration from films like Clueless or artists like Hole, this list is for you. Below is our top 1990s inspired looks that will go perfectly in your closet!

These looks will make you look like you stepped out of your favorite Friends episode in the best possible way. Although they may not technically be categorized as “vintage” clothing these looks are definitely a throwback!

1. Oversized Blazers

The ’90s loved the stuffy, business only attire clothing and dressed them down. Any given moment you could catch someone pairing a large blazer with an adorable, minimal ensemble underneath. The photo beneath takes a modern twist on the look. Rather than wearing blazers with gigantic shoulder pads, yes they were still a thing in the ’90s, consider an oversized blazer like this one. It’s tailored to look broader in the shoulders without the added effect of shoulder pads. The black sweater and skirt underneath with the rolled sleeves really pull this look together!

2. Butterfly Clips & Spaghetti Straps

If this look doesn’t immediately make you think of the Spice Girls you’re living life wrong. Granted this isn’t as over the top as something Scary Spice or Baby Spice would wear, but it’s still a 1990s inspired look. This look is perfect to wear any day of the week. The top, which is pretty much a tube top, still gives you some sense of security with the two barely-there spaghetti straps. Put in the butterfly clips to frame your face, throw on a few tattoo chokers, an orange lip and you have the perfect outfit!

3. Clavin Klein & Sport Clothes

Wearing athletic clothes as high fashion isn’t a new concept. The 1990s saw plenty of celebrities, ranging from models to actors to rappers wearing athletic wear all the time. The famous Insta-baddie Calvin Klein Bra is actually a revamp of a ’90s look. Pair your bra with jeans that show off your matching underwear and top it off with a brightly colored windbreaker!

4. Red Bodysuit & Jeans

If this looks familiar it’s because Monica Gellar wore basically the same thing in an early season of Friends. This look is simple but striking. Rather than pillage through stores to look for the best form-fitting tank top invest in a bodysuit. Make sure it’s tight enough to fit into a nice pair of mom jeans. Pair with red converse for an added bonus!

5. Rockstar

Wearing hyper-feminine dresses, like babydoll dresses or slips with large animal prints, leather jackets and of course combat boots was a ’90s fashion staple. Granted this look is edgier than the others on this list but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic. Just make sure your tights are ripped and your lipstick is smudged just so!

6. Floral

Another edgy look was loose-fitting floral dresses with black tights and combat boots. The outfit below is still stylish today. It’s easy to wear and will make you look like you put a lot of effort into it!

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7. Oversized Blouse

This is nicer than a basic t-shirt but just as comfortable. Instead of pairing your jeans with your typical shirts, consider investing in a slightly oversized blouse. Tuck it into your shorts, tie it, or wear it loose over a pair of leggings. You’ll look effortlessly cool!

8. Tommy Hilfiger

Calvin Klein wasn’t the only designer doing well in the ’90s. Tommy Hilfiger was everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Check out old commercials for the horror film The Faculty because his clothes were sold there too. Despite how mainstream it might have been back then, it was still incredibly cool. Thankfully, also like CK, Tommy Hilfiger has recently released clothes that look like he pulled them from his vault!

9. Overalls

Last but certainly not least is a 1990s trend that is seeing the light of day again. Overalls are just plain comfortable. They’re easy to wear and you can make them sexy or comfortable, like below. Wear an oversized crew neck underneath to make it look like you’re an extra in My So-Called Life!

Which of these 90s inspired looks is your favorite? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/PCMEt_M3kHM
Shelby Filangi

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