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90’s And Early 2000’s Sitcoms You Must See ASAP

90’s And Early 2000’s Sitcoms You Must See ASAP

The best sitcoms and television series were created in the 90’s and the early 2000’s, it’s true when they say they do not make them like they use to. If you have not spent hours, days and months binge watching all of these old series, now is the time to start! So grab a yoohoo and put down the rubix cube because it is time to get acquainted with Chandler Bing, Lorlei Gilmore and Karen Walker. 


The best, and I mean THE best show in the entire world is Friends. You can not convince me otherwise. Friends is the most uplifting, enjoyable and light hearted show you can possibly watch. Friends never gets old, throw it on in the background and go about your day. This show is the most relatable show of the bunch. You can definitely relate to one of the characters in one way or another. No matter how hard you try, if you are not really a Rachel you won’t be able to convince anyone that you are. If you are a Monica, embrace it! This show is the ultimate show to binge watch, with ten seasons and over twenty episodes per season, you have hours of non-stop comedy to keep you entertained until your heart is content! Put it on a constant loop and you will be the happiest person on the planet.

90’s And Early 2000’s Sitcoms You Must See ASAP

Gilmore Girls 

The ultimate mother, daughter relationship, Gilmore Girls. This show gets over looked a lot but it is a feel good entertaining series that will make you laugh and cry. A charming small town, filled with interesting characters and endless junk food, is the lifestyle that everyone wishes to have. Gilmore Girls is a sitcom that everyone has to see. This series will give you a whole new appreciation for the people in your life, as well as give you a massive craving for pop tarts and huge amounts of coffee. The perfect series to watch with your mum. 

90’s And Early 2000’s Sitcoms You Must See ASAP

Will & Grace 

Now this one is definitely the most humorous of the bunch. Grace Adler lives with her gay best friend Will. They get into a number of different antics with their friends Karen and. This show will keep you in stitches throughout all eight seasons. This show will make you have a whole new appreciation for the more eccentric friends in your life. If you want a show that is less typical of your 90’s sitcoms, less physical humour, like stepping on garden rakes. This is the show for you! Give it a go you won’t regret it. This 90’s/early 2000’s sitcom is beyond enjoyable! 

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90’s And Early 2000’s Sitcoms You Must See ASAP

 Sex And The City 

Now this is one you and your girlfriends can watch together endlessly. Sex and the City will make you want to move to the big city and drink cosmos with your girls every week. This show is filled with endless cocktails, men and fashion! This is the ultimate girls show. If you and your friends are due for a girls night in, this is the perfect show for it! Grab some pizza, ice cream and you are set for the best girls night in of all time. This is a must see show from this era, and a must see show in general! Any female will find enjoyment in this show, it is a treat for the masses. This should be at the top of your list of things to watch. This one may be a little harder to come by as it is a little older, but trust me, look past the terrible camera quality and you will have your new all time fav series! There is no one like Carrie Bradshaw and her girls. This is the ultimate 90’s sitcom to watch ASAP!

90’s And Early 2000’s Sitcoms You Must See ASAP

There are many many MANY more sitcoms that are absolutely iconic! Let us know which is your all time fav that never gets old! 

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