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90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

90 Day Fiance is the reality show that absolutely everyone should watch. Unless you have been living under a rock, it is a well-known truth that 90 Day Fiance is the current king of reality television — content so good you’ll wonder where the last three hours went as you lay hypnotized atop your couch.

90 Day Fiance airs on TLC, and if you don’t have cable there’s no need to fret because Hulu and Youtube TV are kind enough to have it available for you to stream— right from the comfort of your phone, laptop, or TV. Now, 90 Day Fiance is only as good as the couples that are featured —the couples that make the show so instantly iconic and addicting—from the lovable, to the rage-inducing soon-to-be newlyweds, here are the greatest couples dug up from the 90 Day Fiance archives.

1. Nicole and Azan

I like to think of Nicole and Azan as the very first couple that actually catapulted this series into the stardom it now thrives in today. Before Nicole and Azan, 90 Day Fiance was a very niche show, a show that only people who watched “The Little Couple” and “John and Kate Plus 8” knew about—true and classic TLC staples.

However, from Nicole’s first on-screen appearance, it was apparent that TLC struck gold with this girl. Here’s the lowdown on these two: In her first season, Nicole is introduced as a naive mom of a little girl named May, whom both reside in Bradenton, Florida. Nicole is in a relationship with a man named Azan who lives all the way in Morocco. Without spoiling too much, it is safe to say Nicole is completely head over heels for this guy, much to the dismay and hesitancy of her family. Nicole eventually saves up all of her pennies from her job as a Starbucks barista and makes a trip to Morocco for a few months, abandoning her daughter May to live with her grandmother back in Florida. With this trip, chaos begins to ensue. Not only is Azan completely not into Nicole (this is made apparent by very monotonous “I love you too’s” and Azan even stating to the cameras at the airport “She’s big a little bit”) but he is absolutely using her for her money, which she rains down upon the man generously and with pleasure. Throughout the series, Nicole and Azan argue like children — usually due to Azan’s constant and clear disinterest toward any attempt or form of affection made by Nicole; Nicole even roughs the guy up on a few occasions and you can watch it all in its hilarious glory while in your pajamas.

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

2. Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa and Jorge are another TLC classic couple. Jorge is introduced as a young, upper middle-class guy who resides somewhere in California. He states early on that he is in the business of marijuana, although his exact gig is never made clear, it appears that Jorge lives a very comfortable lifestyle, which will be soon and forever interrupted by the introduction of Anfisa—his pride and joy. Anfisa is a young and vibrant Instagram-model of sorts from Russia. While Jorge is well-off, the pairing seems…unfitting, if you get the idea. The pair meet with Jorge basically creeping into Anfisa’s direct messages on Instagram and it is love from first dollar. It is later discovered that Jorge may have played up the exact status of his financial situation to the money-hungry girl, but until then, she has a field day with the money he does have. The series continues with Anfisa coming to America and wreaking havoc on this poor man’s life—including but not limited to— Anfisa keying Jorge’s car, erasing Jorge’s iPhone, pressuring him into buying a 45,000 dollar wedding dress and more. Jorge eventually admits to a confused Anfisa that he is 30,000 dollars in debt and let’s just say, she does not take it well.

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

3. Pedro and Chantel

Pedro and Chantel earn their place within the top five list and for good reason; this couple differs from the rest due to the fact that it isn’t really Pedro and Chantel everyone is so focused on, but the iconic feud between the two families—a modern-day mafia-like drama, but without the Italians and the murder.

Chantel is a young college student from Georgia, who stumbles upon her Dominican knight in shining armor Pedro, whom she meets online as her instructor while learning Spanish. Chantel, like most of the love-blinded American’s, books the first flight she can to the DR and the romance begins. Eventually, Chantel is able to obtain a K-1 visa for Pedro but she fails to admit to her family the fact that it is a K-1 visa, and not a student visa, like she has stated —meaning they do not know Pedro and Chantel must marry within 90 days. The real fun begins when the families eventually meet, and it is believed that Pedro’s family had this ulterior motive in orchestrating this marriage, so that Pedro could become an American and send money back to the family. From Pedro’s sister and Chantel cursing each other out, to Pedro having an all-out brawl with Chantel’s brother, and even Chantel’s mother and father feuding with Pedro’s mother—it is the mess of all messes and you’ll love every second of it.

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

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4. Molly and Luis

There is no love like Molly and Luis’. Molly is a mother of two and resides in Georgia. Molly differs from the rest of the couples because unlike all of the others, she meets Luis naturally. While vacationing in the Dominican Republic, she meets Luis while he is bartending at a club and in pure 90 Day Fiance fashion, she was swept off of her feet. For anyone who has watched the show, again it is evident that Luis is just not that into Molly. Most likely seeking a way into the United States, Luis lounges around the house and is very vocal for his distaste of Molly’s hyperactive and youngest daughter Kingsley. Molly is able to put up with his childish behavior for a little while, but the climax of their story is when Luis wakes up one day—probably bored and fed up with the monotony of the life she has given him—and proceeds to accuse Molly of being a witch because she has owls and candles displayed in her house. Molly then proceeds to absolutely lose her mind, I am talking a full on meltdown in front of the cameras. You cannot make this stuff up— couples like this are what makes 90 Day Fiancé so addictive and fascinating. Watching with your mouth agape, you will not be able to turn this show off.

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

5. Jesse and Darcey

Making the top five, and in no particular order, Jesse and Darcey make their rightful mark in the shows history. Jesse premieres on the show as a 24 year old, 6 foot something, blonde-haired, blue-eyed model from Amsterdam and Darcy, a 43 year old mom of two, with too much plastic surgery. Again, the intention of the foreigner seems to be sketchy but Darcey has fallen hard for this man and is blinded by love. What makes these two such a great couple to watch is the absolutely outrageous, trivial, and constant bickering between the two —from Darcey deciding to fold her pizza when she eats it (much to Jesse’s dismay)—to Jesse exploding in a fit of rage while preparing dinner because Darcey told him to “Cut the steak on a bias”; you can be sure to expect many face-palm’s and pulling of your hair while watching these two in action.

90 Day Fiance: The Greatest Couples

90 Day Fiance is the guilty pleasure of all guilty pleasure’s. It is a show that will ceaselessly evoke tears of laughter and inevitable shouting at your screen. Check it out and let us know your favorite couples!
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