9 Tulane Instagrammers You Should Follow


For those of you Tulane students who feel like your Instagram feed is getting a little boring, I have just the solution for you! Keeping reading to discover nine Tulane Instagrammers you should follow #Instagramgoals.

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1. @maddyschlosser

This Tulane grad is a social media intern at College Fashionista and shares her world travels and impeccable style on an extremely well curated Instagram page!




2. @spoon_tulane

New Orleans is famous for its food, and the students at Spoon Tulane do an excellent job of sharing some of that food on an Instagram page that you’re guaranteed to leave hungry.



3. @gabbishaw

This world traveling Tulaner shares her study abroad adventures on a colorful, wanderlust inspiring Instagram.




4. @the_hullabaloo

This weekly Tulane publication which covered stories like Hurricane Katrina and the infamous Kappa Alpha Trump wall maintains an active online presence. It shares updates on news, sports, festivals, and anything else relevant to campus on its Instagram page.



5. @_____squid_____

Sydney Martin is the founder of Syd Rocks, a company that sells rock necklaces and gives the proceeds to research on LCH, a rare blood disorder Martin herself suffered from. Her Instagram is full of well edited food, fashion, and fun.




6. @haleyfinkk

Haley is a Tulane student and a part of the popular Youtube series “Summer Break”, which follows a group of teenagers having summertime adventures in Los Angeles. Her Instagram is reminiscent of a supermodel’s, and she already has a pretty solid follower base of 35k.

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7. @thebootnola

Yes, the number one college bar in America has an Instagram. They post drink specials, pizza, beer on tap, and any other info you might need to have a great time out at The Boot.




8. @tulanecrawfest

The annual music festival held at Tulane University has an Instagram page that provides helpful updates, lineup information, and fun photos from the event itself.


9. @tulaneu

Last but not least, the official Instagram account of the school posts photos from Tulane students, campus updates, and historical photos showing Tulane in a time before Instagram.


Are you inspired to follow any of these nine Tulane Instagrammers? Comment below!

Featured image source: tuadmissionjeff.blogspot.com, nolahomes.net