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9 Things to do when you’re Sexiled

9 Things to do when you’re Sexiled

You come back from a long day in class or at work, and you can’ t wait to change and jump in bed. But, you walk up to the door to find a sock on the doorknob. Getting sexiled, banned from your own room because your roommate is getting it on with someone, or some people, is definitely an unpleasant surprise. And, when it happens quite frequently, at any time of the day, it can make you feel even more alone than you already do. Being sexiled is actually a good excuse to do things you claim you “don’t have the time to do,” and believe it or not there are things to do to make it time-well-spent.

1. Binge-watch a TV show.

Now, you can finally catch up on that TV show you’ve been dying to watch. Before you know it, five hours have passed, and your room has been safe to reenter for a while. Sure you might have to do it in someone else’s room (or you could use your phone), but hey, great way to make friends.

2. Solve a Rubik’s cube.

At least there will be some sort of success tonight on your part.

3. Cook.

Some college dorms have a little kitchenette area in their lounges that are free for everyone to use. Find a recipe you can actually manage, run to the store and get the ingredients, and have at it. If it doesn’t come out very well, then at least it passed the time. And if you set off the fire alarms, at least your room is free now.

4. Finally take new Facebook profile picture.

You’ve been saying you need a new one for months now. Well, now you have the time.

5. Start your Christmas shopping.

There’s nothing like waiting til the last minute. But, there’s also nothing like getting a head start – even if it’s May.

6. Troll.

Nothing is more entertaining than being a complete smart ass in the worst situations. Sit by the bed and coach your roommate with whatever they’re doing, or not doing. Make funny faces and be creepy as hell.

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7. Call a friend in your building:

Thank goodness for your friends right? Just call up a friend and tell them you’ve been sexiled. It gives you someone to vent to and just chat aimlessly with for a little bit.

8. End the sexile.

If your just sick and tired of being kicked out of your own room, do something about it. Walk up to the bed, pull the covers off, and kick THEM out. There are probably other spaces they can do it, so take control back.

9. Get drunk.

The solution to every college student’s problems.

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