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9 Fitness Products That Will Improve Your Workout Results

Utilizing your fitness products for certain workouts is the key to getting the results that you desire and fast. With the help of some creatine-packed pre-workout and resistance bands with different strength levels, you can rapidly augment a simple glute workout, giving you stronger and more noticeable results. Strategizing your workouts with affordable equipment and products is easy these days, especially with such a large array of available options. Continue reading to discover what products can help improve your workout results. 

  1. Alani Pre-Workout

Prior to beginning your workout, finding an effective source of energy to get you amped up and motivated can work wonders and enhance results. Alanis Pre-Workout is a go-to supplement, due to its constructive ingredients containing amino acids like L-Theanine that reduce the chances of crashing. Other added ingredients such as Beta-Alanine and L-Tyrosine are formulated to work well with the 200 mg of caffeine that this workout-amplifier provides. This supplement is available in 10 different inventive flavors, including Mimosa, Rocket Pop and Hawaiian Shaved Ice. 

2. Bala Bangles Ankle Weights

A rising and increasingly-popular workout trend among the Gen Z population is taking frequent walks, also referred to as “hot girl walks.” To add a cute and effective flair to this routine, people are purchasing ankle weights. The Bala Bangles Ankle Weights, making its first appearance on the TV show Shark Tank and being available in 8 different pastel and neutral colors, turns a regular walk into a light leg workout. The weights are made with the purpose of working as an additive to walks, yoga, aerobics, boxing, pilates, core training, at-home workouts and rehabilitation. Made with soft silicone and recycled steel, this product is considered a high quality mechanism to increase your muscle-building results in a light and casual way. 

3. Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop

If you are searching for a trouble-free and fun workout with the goal to strengthen core muscles and improve core endurance, the Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop is an ideal option. Minimizing your waist size and growing your lower back muscles, this unique twist on a hula hoop gives excellent results and increases spinal alignment. The weight is detachable and is not too heavy or light, making it an enjoyable workout experience. Unlike traditional hula hoops, this one comfortably attaches around your waist and comes with variously weighted attachments for your own personal choosing. 

4. Quiet Punch

When looking to constructively workout your legs, hips, core, arms, chest and shoulders in an entertaining way, the Quiet Punch is an excellent way to go. With the convenience of simply mounting it in your door way, the quiet punch functions as a doorway punching bag for boxing-style home workouts. The purpose of this product is to help users reach their fitness goals without the hassle of other tools and equipment. When looking to strengthen your upper body and get quick and noticeable results, spending some time with Quiet Punch can do the trick!

5. Bala Beam

The Bala Beam is a new and unique twist to fitness products, especially due to its abstract structure and appearance. At first glance, this beam may appear as an unusual and curvy beam, but when used correctly, this product can rapidly enhance any strength training workout involving curls, rows, squats and lunges. Using this beam correctly promises an increase of strength, agility, endurance and balance with a creative twist on a classic strength-motivated workout. The Bala Beam is available in 7 different aesthetic colors and two different weight sizes, including 15 pounds and 25 pounds. Grab your unique take on a strength-enhancing fitness product today.

6. Bala Power Ring

Another trending fitness product created by Bala is The Power Ring. This tool is another abstract take on fitness tools, and is considered to be the result of “if the  kettlebell and the dumbbell had a baby.” Used primarily for workouts targeting an improvement of strength, agility, endurance and balance, this tool is an unfeasible option considering its uncomplicated use. Shaped like a steering wheel, the product works great for chest press squats, side lunges, reverse lunges, alternating heel squats, hammer curls, and many more unique exercises such as the “windmill” and the “wood chop.” To learn more about the Bala Power Ring workouts, navigating to the brands website will answer all of your query. 

7. Alo Yoga Strap

When searching for a muscle enhancing product that can take your yoga sessions to the next level, the Alo Yoga Strap is just what you need. This strap was made for making your yoga experience more efficient and effective, providing you with noticeable results and an easier way to transport your yoga mats. Built with two sleek and adjustable panels, the strap can carry your yoga mat anywhere, as well as act as a supportive strap for numerous yoga poses. The strap available in the colors soft mauve, powder pink and black, grants you the support you need for longer workouts, giving you the chance to gain greater results. 

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8. Resistance Bands

When doing glute, core and leg building exercises, adding a challenge to these simple workouts is what you need for faster and more noticeable results. The Sweaty Betty Soft Resistance Bands make for a great muscle enhancing additive to at-home workouts like leg lefts and squats. The bands come in different resistance strengths, allowing for a strategized and constructive method to growing your glutes, legs and core. These bands are incredibly fun and easy to use, coming in three different strengths and colors. Using these bands over the period of a few months and slowly alternating bands is an excellent way to see a quicker improvement in your workout results. 

9. Abdominal Ab Roller

This is a classic fitness product, but also a very essential one to growing your ab  definition and fast. The Tone Fitness Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workout works wonders for gym rats with the goal of growing the best and most definitive abs. Built as a wheel with two mounted side handles, the ab wheel works best when placed on the floor. Grabbing onto the wheels handles and rolling the product back and forth towards you, the wheel works as a high-functioning ab-grower. 

When doing your simple everyday workouts, adding a helpful fitness product will help take your experience to the next level while granting better results. Instead of waiting months for any noticeable result, consider adding an easy-to-use resistance band or yoga strap to your routine. 

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