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9 Amazing UM Dorm Rooms for Major Dorm Decor Inspiration

9 Amazing UM Dorm Rooms for Major Dorm Decor Inspiration

Decorating your dorm room can seem like a lot, but with the right inspiration it can be easy. Here are some amazing UM dorm rooms to fall in love with!

As if it’s not enough moving to a new city with people you don’t know, you get assigned to an empty box referred to as a dorm room.  Luckily, there are endless ways to transform this space into a real home. Keep reading for examples of nine amazing UM dorm rooms for major dorm decor inspiration!

1. Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling is a great way to really bring your room together!

UM has a policy where you cannot hang anything directly from the ceiling. Try hanging tapestry from 3M Command hooks instead! A great way to section-off a dorm room is to add different sized rugs.  It creates a sense of separation between the two beds and desk space area.

2. Dry erase boards & throw blankets are crucial!

Adding a dry erase board behind your bed is the best way to write down late night thoughts. You will never have to worry about forgetting anything important in the morning.  Throw blankets are a functional way to add a pop of color without taking up extra space.


3. Use storage baskets in addition with your shelving space.

University of Miami provides shelving above the desk.  Storage baskets are perfect here.  It  helps organize your personal items and keep them out of view.  These can also brighten up a dull space, add color and personality.  The bins come in many colors and are inexpensive. Try to make DIY labels for a more personalized look.

4. Loft your bed!

Students have varying opinions regarding lofting a bed. I think lofting is great because extra space is always needed.  You can store some clothes and snacks down there, or transform the space into a lounging area.  Floor pillows, a futon, or a couch are creative options.

5. Incorporate string lights.

String lights are a little something extra that really can change the look of a room. They are fun and decorative, and you can put them anywhere.  Simple white draping paired with the tie-die comforter takes away the typical dorm room look.


6. Use bedside storage units as a bedside table.

Bedside organizers are super helpful to store late night accessories (phone, chargers, books, etc.). Consider buying a small Keurig if you are an avid coffee drinker to put on top of your bedside organizer!  Talk to your roommate about sharing the expense.

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7. Hang pictures to your wall in an aesthetically pleasing display.

There are endless ways to hang pictures on your wall. One of the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing is to hang them in a row. Your collection can start small with just home friends and family, and can be easily expanded to include your new #collegefriends.


8. Hang plain white bed sheets underneath the bunk above you.

If you are the bottom bunk, hanging sheets under your bed loft is a great way to cover the wiring from the bunk above you. It also creates your own little cozy space!

9. Add a real or fake plant or flower as a nice touch.

Adding a plant or flower to a dorm room is proven to help relieve stress and freshen the air (if it is real).  Start with an easy plant that doesn’t require much sunlight, or even a nice fake one that looks real!

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