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8 80s Inspired Looks For A Throwback

8 80s Inspired Looks For A Throwback

The 1980’s is a decade people are currently obsessed with. All the best movies from that decade are being remade, shows are being created in that decade and most importantly people are obsessed with the fashion. 

This decade wasn’t just all about neon and spandex, this is when people began to transition into more simple, and comfortable clothing. There were of course those who still took their time to stand out from the crowd of course. Throughout this decade people experimented with their clothes, makeup, hair and music. Everything was shiny and new, this is when MTV was born (R.I.P to when MTV used to play music), and people started to embrace technology.

If you’re someone who’s looking for new 1980’s inspired looks this list is for you. Regardless of whether you want to be comfortable or stand out there’s a look on this list that will be perfect for you.  


1. Oversized Crewneck

The key for this look isn’t just any old crewneck. You need to find a ridiculous oversized crewneck with some strange design on it. Especially in a dated color scheme like the one below. What will bring this whole look together is a good pair of high waisted jeans and a thick belt. This look screams “I’m comfortable and I don’t care”. Even though the top may be kind of goofy it still looks cute. 

2. Bustier and Denim

This outfit will make you look like you’re a pop princess. This is an outfit that is unexpected, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This is the definition of from work to a night out. Simply button up your denim shirt and when you’re off the clock open it up to reveal a daring bustier that Madonna would be proud of. Bonus points if you wear chunky jewelry, a bow and a bold lip.  


3. Denim Jacket

This decade also had impressive rockers. If you find yourself gravitating towards more rock music or punk music from this decade consider investing in a denim jacket. But don’t just stop there, go crazy with patches. You can find patches easily from most stores and of course Etsy.


4. Business

This is truly the decade where women began not just demanding space in the workforce, they were taking that space. This look is great if you’re trying to find some work appropriate outfits or even something nice to wear at school. All of these items are making comebacks so they aren’t hard to find. 

5. Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads may seem obnoxious, and they definitely are, they did serve a purpose. They were meant to create the appearance that your shoulders were broad and your waist was tiny. Instead of wearing a full blown power suit pair them with a simple t-shirt and shorts. Add a pair of sheer black tights to truly make this look 80’s inspired. 


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6. Preppy

When you think of preppy you may think of sweater set, which were popular back then, but not everyone dressed like the villian in a John Hughes film. This look translates perfectly to modern time. You’ll look like you’re being educated at the best school or you’re just incredibly put together and can successfully put together outfits, not just throw on random clothes. 


7. Neon

Of course you can’t have a 1980’s inspired looks list without some sort of neon colors. This look is better for modern time because it is loud it isn’t the loudest. Rather than wearing head to toe neon the cut of the dress is more modern and the print is placed on top of black. 


8. Denim Skirt & Tights

This look will have people doing a double take in the best possible way. This inspired look is not for the faint at heart. It’s the perfect outfit if you’re wanting to make a splash the next time you go out. 

What 1980’s inspired looks are you going to try? Comment below!