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8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

Working from home can be difficult, especially during uncertain times like these.  Not being able to physically go into work can be really hard for people that are being forced to stay at home.  Having your usual routine messed with can really be a downer and cause your motivation to work to decrease rapidly.  Here are 8 ways to make working from home a great experience (even though it sucks sometimes).

1. Get Comfortable In Your Work Area

Working from home doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  There are a lot of things that you can do physically to change your outlook and make yourself more comfortable with such a big change.  For example, making your work area a place that you look forward to being at.  You can revamp your desk, get a new laptop case, or even add a cozy blanket to your desk chair.

Wherever you work in your house, you can add a little something to make yourself feel more comfortable despite the situation.  I find it helpful to organize everything I need for work/school because this makes me feel more productive and put together.  Do whatever makes you comfortable and puts you at ease, making working from home a bit easier.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

2. Stick To A Schedule

To bring back some normality, stick to your usual work hours and get your work done the same way you would normally.  This can make a huge difference in your view on working from home and give you a sense of relief.  Keep a usual sleep schedule and make sure to not push things off just because it may seem easier at the time.  Keeping a constant schedule will also help you know when it’s okay for your work day to end and for you to relax.

Try to schedule time to take breaks throughout the day so you aren’t overwhelming yourself.  This is key when working from home because you don’t realize how constant you’re working.  Stick to a schedule and I guarantee your view of working from home will change, even just a little. This can give you peace of mind and keep you feeling productive, even while you’re staying in your pajamas all day.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience 

3. Create A Morning Routine

Having a morning routine can really help jump start your work day.  Brew a pot of coffee, make some yummy breakfast, and hop right into your work day without leaving the comfort of your home.  Having a morning routine gives you some time to relax before jumping into your work day.  For me, I love taking my time in the morning and giving myself enough time as to not feel rushed.

This can help keep your anxiety at bay and may even be more beneficial than you’d think.  Sticking to a morning routine is my go-to and believe me, it really helps my day go much more smoothly.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

4. Keep In Contact With Colleagues

Staying in contact with the people you usually work with can help put your mind at ease and hold onto your normal work environment.  You don’t even have to stick to just talking about work.   You can ask them about how they are coping with working from home and maybe ask them for some more tips on how to make the best out of it.  It is never a bad think to keep in contact with those that you talk to on a normal basis, even when we are quarantined.

Asking a question about work may lead to a normal conversation that can help you feel less alone.  It can be really beneficial from a work standpoint and a mental standpoint to socialize and try to keep things as normal as possible.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

5. Get Outside

Getting fresh air and sunshine will make you feel a lot better after being stuck inside during your work day.  Scheduled breaks can be a great time to get out and take a walk, sit in the sun, or even just take a few moments to step out of your house.  I find it to be really relaxing to have my morning coffee outside if the weather is nice enough.  Taking your work area outside with you can also help you shake that unnatural feeling of working from home.

Making sure to take breaks is a huge part of keeping your stress and anxiety levels down.  Getting outside is definitely my go-to when I need to get out and away from my work and computer.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

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6. Use Your Free-Time Wisely

Some companies have given their employees a lot of free-time because the world has basically been at a stand still.  If this applies to you, make sure to use your free-time wisely.  Look for opportunities to make a good impression on those you work with or projects you can work on while quarantined.  Use your time to your advantage.

Get creative, look for new ways to stand out, and find things that not only benefit you as a worker, but benefits your company as well.  Take the time to put yourself out there and make a name for yourself.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

7. Enjoy Being Home

Enjoy the perks of being at home.  Stay in your pajamas all day, eat a whole meal at your desk, or watch some Netflix while working (if you’re good at multitasking).  Keep your priorities in check, but don’t forget to take advantage of being in the comfort of your own home.  

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

8. Stay Positive

This is crucial when working from home.  Keep a positive attitude even when things get rough.  This really goes for anything right now because of what is going on, but focus on all the positives.  When else can you join an online meeting without even putting on pants or do yoga while watching a presentation?  Keep up with your work while keeping that positive attitude and you’re golden.

8 Ways To Make Working From Home A Great Experience

Will you be using any of these tips to make your experience working from home great?  Let us know down in the comments!

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