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8 Unique Duos Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most creative times of the year (for some, that is). Many people settle for the basic duos halloween costumes such as a devil and angel but get ups like these are becoming overdone. Here’s a list to make sure your duos Halloween costume is something unique and refreshing. 

1. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, are extremely well recognized royals all across the globe. Being fairly public figures for close to a century, everybody knows them. However, you don’t see very many costumes impersonating the royal couple which is why it’s the perfect duos costume.

Everyone would know who you were but the costume would not be an eye sore as you would probably be the only Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip of the night. Not to mention, the queen has some iconic outfits to work with. It could be honorable with a touch of comedic relief since they have been around for literally forever (aka, they are/were old!). This duos halloween costume is definitely worth considering. Just ask Chrissy Teigan and John Legend!

2. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Anyone from the Kardashian clan is no guest to the spotlight. They are one of the most talked about families in history. Kim is often an easy costume as you can just stuff pillows in your clothes to create her unreal curves. But a lesser seen approach to impersonating the family for a Halloween is though the two Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

Individually, Kendall and Kylie have a multitude of seminal looks throughout their careers. In terms of duos, there’s one look in particular that is perfect for Halloween. For the 2019 Met Gala, the two twinned with feathering dresses. Kylie wore purple while Kendall contrasted with orange. Whether you go all out and wear a gown with your bestie or create shorter versions of the look, it’s bound to be head turning.

3. Dijonay Jones and Sticky Webb

Proud Family was a show that aired on Disney 2001-2005. All of the characters are worth the costume but most of the time, you see Penny Prouds wandering around on Halloween. To change things up, why not make this Proud Family inspired costume a duo? There’s plenty of characters who have fun dynamics with another so you can’t really go wrong.

However, you can’t ignore how cute a Dijonay Jones and Sticky Webb duos Halloween costume would be. Friend of Penny’s, Dijonay spends the majority of the show crushing on Sticky creating comedic spectacles to pursue him as a love interest. The two would make a spunky, nostalgic couples costume. Although it would not be duos, another honorable mention from the show that would make a great costume are the Gross sisters. The Proud Family in general is worth the appearance on Halloween.

4. Jackie and John F. Kennedy

Another famed all American couple from history are the Kennedys. It’s a fun historical approach to Halloween and everyone knows who they are. JFK was one of the more famous presidents of the United States and his charismatic wife is also a treasured figure. The couple would make a great costume for two love birds.

Jackie Kennedy was a fashion icon in the 1960’s with numerous looks going down in history. Her most recognizable fit was that of a pink Chanel set which incorporates a matching hat as well. This would be the perfect outfit to recreate for this timeless costume paired with a handsome JFK by your side. It’s not too overdone and everyone would know who you are.

5. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

There are a lot of Marylin’s out on Halloween but as a duos costume, it could be unique and refreshing. Pairing one icon with another, the famed Yankees Baseball star, Joe DiMaggio, who is also Monroe’s ex-husband would be another timeless couple to impersonate on the holiday. Luckily, both stars are easy to dress up as because of just how famous they were. 

For Joe, it’s simply just a Yankees Baseball uniform as that is what he was most well known for aside from being married to Marilyn Monroe for a time. And of course for Marylin, her white flowy dress from that one picture we can all see in our heads right now is the way to go. She has many memorable outfits from her time as a celeb but to not use this look as costume inspo is almost disrespectful. This makes for a cute couples costume (if you disregard their quick divorce).

6. Mugatu and Katinka

There are a lot of costume possibilities from the Zoolander movies. Most people would quickly jump to Dereck and Hansel or even Dereck and Matilda. But why not give the bad guys some recognition? Mugatu is the evil fashion dictator of the film always sporting really charismatic outfits with his signature platinum curly hair style. 

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One character on the antagonist side that deserves more recognition is Mugatu’s henchwoman, Katinka. She’s bold in every manner down to her accent, attitude, eyebrows, and bright red lipstick. A Katinka costume next to Mugatu would be a very powerful move in the Halloween world. This dominating duo would dominate the costume party. It definitely did for Ariana Grande and Mac Miller.

7. Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy

The 2007 hit comedy movie, Blades of Glory, features an ice skating duo who were once enemies turned into partners. Will Ferrel plays a rash, egotistical “lone wolf” ice skater known as Chazz Michael Michaels. His counterpart is the angelic, gentle skater named Jimmy MacElroy who is played by Jon Heder. The two are polar opposites which is why their iconic fire and ice costume is so fitting.

Ice skating costumes call for something that will stand out from the ice so lots of color and bling. Chazz and Jimmy’s duo costume falls nothing short of getting the audience’s attention and as a Halloween duos costume, it would for sure turn heads. There is also a variation of this costume where the person portraying Jimmy wears his famed peacock leotard while Chazz remains in the fire costume. Both are very recognizable and perfect for Halloween.

8.  Yzma and Kronk

Emperor’s New Groove is a staple movie for a lot of people’s childhoods. Featuring an emperor turned lama who goes through a journey of humility with one of his subject’s known as Pacha, there’s multiple duos costumes that can be derived from this movie. While a give in is dressing up as the protagonist partners Kuzco and Pacha, the antagonists make for a fun Halloween get-up as well. 

Yzma is a shriveled purple old woman who makes it her mission to kill the emperor. She uses a handy man named Kronk who acts as her muscles but in reality wouldn’t hurt a fly. Yzma features purple accessories such as feather shoulder pads and a head piece while incorporating blue earrings and of course, her potion bottle prop from the movie. Kronk is more simple with a blue tunic and a yellow neck plate and arm cuffs with his signature hat and sandals. Perfect for a couple’s costume. 

See any that you would want to try this upcoming Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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