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8 Types of Couples You See On Campus

8 Types of Couples You See On Campus

They’re everywhere. In classrooms, dorms, walking down the street, on the bus, at every party, every hockey game…Perhaps you’re even one of them… Campus Couples: our generation’s take on romance. Keep reading to learn about the 8 types of couples you see on campus.

1. The Magnet Couple

You know these two are passionately in love because they are constantly touching one another. Navigating the dining hall? Hand in hand -(How are you planning to carry both a plate and a cup?) Walking to class? Linked arms. Even in the gym, they’re both only getting a workout on one arm because they’re holding hands.  You’re almost unsure if they can exist separately because you’ve never seen them unattached.

2. The “Are We A Couple” Couple

We all know this couple. They’re super flirty, spend a ton of time together and are in complete denial that they’re actually a couple. Perhaps they’ve had the “what are we” talk, or maybe they’re just going with the flow…We all want to know what’s going on between you…Do us all a favor and define the relationship.


3. The “We’ve Always Been a Couple” Couple

These two have been together for what seems like forever. Their love story can be followed through the #tbt photos they post on Instagram of them together at their freshmen semi-formal all the way through prom and high school graduation. It comes as no surprise that they chose to attend the same college, and honestly it’s too cute for any of us to judge.

4. The Clingy Couple

This couple is considered the Vacuum Couple because you literally need a vacuum or some other force of massive suction to pull them apart from each other.  Their co-dependence used to be endearing, but now they’re taking clingy to a whole new level. Your emotional connection is easy for us all to see, but I’m sure an hour alone wouldn’t kill you.

5. The “Why Are We a Couple” Couple

These two are really hard to understand. They fight constantly, making for some very awkward social situations when their friends get caught in the crossfire.  Deep down, they might really want to be together, but some things just aren’t meant to be.


6. The Old Married Couple

This couple’s friends refer to them as “Mom” and “Dad”. They know each other inside and out and can often be found doing very adult activities together like browsing the kitchen appliance section at Home Depot or making wedding boards on Pinterest. They probably don’t technically live together, but they spend every night at one another’s apartment/dorm. They’re a very affectionate couple and probably only fight over things like leaving the toilet seat up and not making the bed the right way.

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7. The Long Distance Couple

This is not as easy as it looks. The long distance couple can live anywhere from 30 minutes to 3,000 miles apart, but they’re living proof that absence can make the heart grow fonder.  They face many obstacles that can lead to heartbreak, but for those who make distance work, we say kudos to you!


8. The On & Off Couple

This couple is just like a light switch…on again and off again.  Similar to the “Why Are We a Couple” Couple, these two just need to make up their minds. Your emotional roller coaster may have intrigued us at first, but now it’s just exhausting.

Honorable Mention

The Completely Normal Couple that has no outstanding quirks. Keep doin’ you.
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