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8 Tricks for Longer Eyelashes

8 Tricks for Longer Eyelashes

1. Use Baby Powder

A great way to fake thicker and longer eyelashes is by using baby powder! This product is probably in your cabinet right now and even if you do have to buy it, it’s really cheap. First, curl and apply a coat of mascara like you normally would. Then take a Q-tip and dip it into the powder. Run the Q-tip along your lashes, and apply another coat of mascara on top. Voilà! Thicker, fuller and longer eyelashes.

2. DIY Conditioner

Another great way to get longer and fuller lashes is to condition them. Take equal parts of virgin coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and castor oil. Mix them up in a jar and apply the serum to your lashes before you go to bed. Overtime, you will see your eyelashes start to feel stronger and longer!

3. Try Lash Serums

We all know how popular lash serums are nowadays. There’s so many out there, but the brand ArtNaturals guarantees longer and fuller lashes in just 14 days! I couldn’t tell you if this actually works from personal experience, but judging by the rave reviews, I’d definitely give it a shot!


4. Apply a Primer

Just like you use primer on your face and eyelids, there’s primer for your eyelashes too! The primers more or less create a base coat for your mascara to stick to. Because there is already a layer of product on your eyelashes, when the mascara is applied, it bulks up and creates the illusion of longer eyelashes.


5. Get Eyelash Extensions

This is probably the most expensive way to get longer lashes, but it’s definitely the fastest and makes the biggest impact. Experts take tiny pieces of hair and individually glue them onto your natural lashes. It’s completely safe and the hairs grow out with your natural lashes.

6. Heat Your Eyelash Curler

Take a blow dryer to your lash curler for about 15 seconds. Touch the curler to make sure it’s not too hot (you don’t want to burn your lashes to a crisp) and then curl your lashes as you normally would. Just like a curling iron, the heat will help give your lashes hold the curl, and ultimately appear longer.

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7. Wiggle the Wand

The most obvious way to get longer eyelashes is to use mascara. However, depending on the mascara you use, sometimes even after application, your lashes can still look short and limp. A great trick is to wiggle the wand while you are apply – this will allow the product to evenly distribute over your lashes and completely cover the hairs.

8. Mix and Match Mascara

Another great trick to make your lashes longer is to layer your mascara with different brands. Layering mascara will allow the product to build up – creating a thicker appearance. By using two different brands (and therefor, two different brushes) you will avoid the mascara getting too clumpy. I would suggest using a mascara with fibers in the formula as your base.

Tip: While makeup can help enhance looks it can also cause aging and breakouts, so always remember to take off all your makeup before bed and to cleanse and condition your skin. When removing your mascara at night, don’t rub your eyes harshly – this will do just the opposite of creating longer lashes! Instead, use quality makeup removers and gently blot your eyes to remove the makeup.

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